‘I take it personally’: NFL star chokes up responding to Trump’s attacks.

President Donald Trump’s divisive comments on the NFL protests are making national headlines, but to Miami Dolphin Michael Thomas, the remarks hit close to home.

Michael Thomas. Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Sirius XM.

Speaking to reporters from the locker room on Sunday, Thomas — who has knelt during the national anthem before games — responded to Trump’s claim that a “son of a bitch” like him should be fired for refusing to stand.

Over the past several months, many players have kneeled during the national anthem in a peaceful, silent protest to draw attention to racial injustice — namely, police brutality targeting people of color — since former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick began kneeling last season.

“As a man, as a father, as an African-American man, as somebody in the NFL who’s one of those ‘sons of bitches,’ yeah I take it personally,” Thomas told reporters. “But at the same time, like I said in my Twitter posts, it’s bigger than me.”

“I got a daughter; she’s going to have to live in this world,” Thomas told reporters, holding back tears.

“I’m going to do whatever I got to do to make sure she can look at her dad and be like, ‘Hey, you did something, you tried to make a change.'”

Thomas’ emotional response shows how deep the president’s remarks have cut and why more athletes are now stepping up — or, rather, kneeling down — to spark change.

Controversy surrounding the NFL protests boiled over this past weekend, after the president waded back into the world of political activism in pro sports.

Trump set off a firestorm Friday night at his rally in Alabama, claiming NFL athletes who sit or kneel during the protests should be fired. The following morning, he slammed Stephen Curry for planning to skip his team’s potential White House visit after winning the NBA national championship in June: “invitation is withdrawn!” the president tweeted. LeBron James jumped into the foray to defend Curry shortly thereafter, calling the president a “bum.”

Trump’s bombastic remarks prompted a wave of players to kneel on Sunday. According to NPR, roughly 200 NFL athletes protested as “The Star-Spangled Banner” played before their respective games.

Several Detroit Lions players kneeled during their game on Sept. 24, 2017. Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images.

Critics have slammed Trump for stoking a fire solely to enrage his base while ignoring other dire issues.

“He wanted a reaction; he got that reaction,” Michael Steele, former Republican National Committee Chairman, told NBC News. “It’s very disappointing — the same level of stuff we get from the president that doesn’t advance a genuine conversation but polarizes people into camps.”

Meanwhile, dilemmas are playing out on the national and global stages — the GOP’s unpopular Graham-Cassidy health bill, relations with North Korea, devastation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria — with little leadership or comment from the president.

“It just amazes me with everything else that’s going on in this world, especially involving the U.S., that’s what you’re concerned about, my man?” Thomas noted to reporters on Sunday. “You’re the leader of the free world — this is what you’re talking about?”

It appears so.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers Did NOT Come Out For The National Anthem Today In Response To Donald Trump

Wow — a very strong and explicit statement by the

We sort of knew some type of major protests were coming today after Trump’s insane and inappropriate comments over the past few days, but this one was particularly poignant and we’re proud of the Steelers for exercising their Constitutional rights to protest non-violently!

Here’s how it all went down in real time (below):

Obviously, as you can see, one single Steelers player — military veteran Alejandro Villanueva — opted to stand for the anthem itself, but in the tunnel near the locker room rather than on the field.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin had this to say about it before the game (below):

“We’re not participating in the anthem today. Not to be disrespectful to the anthem, to remove ourselves from the circumstance. People shouldn’t have to choose. If a guy wants to go about his normal business and participate in the anthem, he shouldn’t be forced to choose sides. If a guy feels the need to do something, he shouldn’t be separated from his teammate who chooses not to. So we’re not participating today. That’s our decision. We’re gonna be 100 percent.”

Well said.

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Of course, Trump won’t bother to understand the nuances and thoughts behind all that… he’ll just flame the Steelers and Tomlin for the decision. Wonder why…

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos apparently had their own incredible Trump protest today, too (below):


That’s the best!!!

[Image via CBS.]

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Here Are Peoples Brutally Honest Concerns About Dating Each Zodiac Sign

Courtney Clayton


(March 21st to April 19th)

  • “That they’ll never be totally comfortable with settling down and that I would have to convince them to commit to a relationship.”
  • “That they love the high of falling in love but that they want nothing to do with you once it’s no longer new and exciting anymore.”
  • “I worry that they have Peter Pan syndrome.”
  • “That they love ‘being in love’ but don’t actually understand what being in love is truly about.”
  • “I once dated a textbook Aries – adventurous, exciting, passionate, thirsty for the world, etc. But I felt like he was never happy to just sometimes stay home and be cozy and comfortable and one-on-one together. I felt like I always had to be ‘thrilling’ for him to want to be with me.”


(April 20th to May 21st)

  • “I think they have an idea of exactly what their relationship is supposed to look like and if you can’t mold yourself into the pre-existing image they have, they will toss you out.”
  • “They’re jealous.”
  • “I have dated a couple Tauruses who were actually incredibly insecure, and it manifested itself in possessiveness and clinginess.”
  • “They want too much of your time. I think it’s good for the emotional health of a relationship to spend a decent amount of time together, but I think it’s also important to spend time awayfrom each other, and in my experience, Tauruses tend to have a very very hard time with that part of things.”
  • “Feeling smothered because they want to blend your lives together 100%.”


(May 22nd to June 21st)

  • “You’ll feel like you’re dating multiple different people at once.”  
  • “They’ll panic if you try to get close to them, so if you want to be with them, you better be prepared to work damn hard right from the beginning.”
  • “They’re easy to fall for but almost impossible to get to know beneath their ‘public persona’ if you will.”
  • “They’re actually really anxious in relationships.”
  • “You have to constantly reassure them that yes, you like them, and no, you don’t think they’re hard to love, and yes, you wanna be with them, and no, you don’t want this to end. It’s exhausting.”


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

  • “That they’ll never be able to let anything go.”
  • “I worry that they would be overly sensitive and that I would have to be walking on egg shells around them 24/7.”
  • “That they hold grudges and don’t forget things even after they claim to forgive you.”
  • “My concern is that they would be constantly paranoid during the relationship because they’re afraid they’re going to get dumped, cheated on, left for someone else, etc.”
  • “In my experience, you spend much of the relationship having to give your reasons to to them why you like them.”


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

  • “They treat their relationship like it’s a bullet point on a to-do list.”
  • “That they’re condescending and won’t treat the relationship like a partnership.”
  • “I worry that it will be their way or the highway.”
  • “While dating a Leo a couple of years ago I felt like I was in more of a competition than anything.”
  • “My concern is that it would be very difficult to built trust and companionship because they don’t make it feel like you’re a team.”


(August 23rd to September 22nd)

  • “Any small and offhanded comment you might make without even thinking could send them spiraling.”
  • “That I might mistake their shyness or reservedness as disinterest and miss an opportunity with a great person.”
  • “My biggest worry would be about always worrying about their anxiety and not wanting to contribute to it.”
  • “I would be most scared of their tendency towards perfectionism.”


(September 23rd to October 22nd)

  • “That I would be uncertain about if I meant as much to them as their friends do.”
  • “That they’d be more worried about pleasing everybody than they would about our relationship.”
  • “My big concern is that they wouldn’t ever want to fully commit to something with me because they always want to keep their options open.”
  • “I would be wary of being charmed by them and becoming totally smitten only to realize that they weren’t even thinking about me that seriously.”


(October 23rd to November 22nd)

  • “The stereotypes that come to mind are that Scorpios are jealous and obsessive so I would worry about that.”
  • “That I would fall for them hard since they’re so charming, and then be blindsided if they were to change their mind or just call it off for no reason.”
  • “From my experience, the hardest part was feeling like I did know them well but at the same time didn’t know them well at all? Like they were constantly keeping secrets and we spent more time playing guessing games than having honest conversations.”


(November 23rd to December 21st)

  • “That I wouldn’t be able to get them to give a definite ‘yes’ or ‘no’ about what they want and what they’re looking for.”
  • “The best part about dating a Sagittarius was how upbeat and joyful they were to be around, but the part that has scared me away from Sagittarius’s ever since is that I don’t want to date someone who’s emotionally too far behind me.”
  • “I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who’s too passive or who doesn’t know how to make a decision and then commit to it.”
  • “They like to be optimistic and hope for the best in things which is great but they don’t want to solve any problems themselves.”


(December 22nd to January 20th)

  • “I’d be afraid of them taking everything way too seriously.”
  • “I feel like Capricorns are very reserved and hard to get to know which would make dating one very difficult.”
  • “I’d want to make sure the relationship was still fun even if they lean towards being more serious most of the time.”
  • “From dating a Capricorn, I know they have a really wonderful silly side, but sometimes it was so hard to pull that out that it got exhausting and there wasn’t enough of a balance between being practical and having fun.”


(January 21st to February 18th)

  • “WALLS. Huge emotional walls.”
  • “The minute a challenge comes up, they want to back out, even if the feelings are established on both sides and have gotten really deep.”
  • “If I dated another Aquarius I would want to make sure they were at least self-aware about their tendency to close themselves off and become detached when things aren’t going smoothly.”
  • “Instead of confronting conflict, they just shut off. That makes a relationship next to impossible.”


(February 19th to March 20th)

  • “They don’t know how to choose things on their own.”
  • “Pisces have great imaginations but sometimes they’re not practical .”
  • “Adulthood is hard enough and I would want to make sure I have a partner, but not someone who needs me to help them stop feeling so lost. I understand needing some guidance sometimes, but my fear of Pisces’s is that they want you to give them a path and a purpose instead of creating it themselves.”

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You’ll Melt When You See What Happens When This Cat’s Favorite Human Plays The Piano

They say that animals really do enjoy listening to music, especially of the classical genre, and if this adorable kitty is any indication, it’s definitely true.

Sarper Duman is a pianist from Istanbul, Turkey, who rescues injured cats from the streets and nurses them back to health in his home. All of his furry roommates love listening to him play the piano, but one is particularly smitten with the way he tickles the ivories.

Watch as this kitty enters a state of nirvana while listening to Duman play. The little cutie is so happy that you can even hear him purring!

Is anyone else about ready to swoon from the cuteness? To listen to more of Duman’s beautiful music and to see more of the kitties he takes care of, be sure to check him out on YouTube and Instagram.

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Acid Attack on Four U.S. Students Wasn’t Terror Act, France Says

Paris (AP) — Four American college students were attacked with acid Sunday at a train station in France, but French authorities so far do not think extremist views motivated the 41 -year-old woman who was arrested as the alleged assailant, the local prosecutor's office and the students' school said.

Boston College, a private Jesuit university in Massachusetts, said in a statement Sunday that the four female students were treated at a hospital for burns after they were sprayed in the face with acid in the city of Marseille. The statement said the four all were juniors studying abroad, three of them at the college's Paris program.

"It appears that the students are fine, considering the circumstances, though they may require additional treatment for burns," Nick Gozik, who directs Boston College's Office of International Programs. "We have been in contact with the students and their parents and remain in touch with French officials and the U.S. Embassy regarding the incident."

Police in France described the suspect as "disturbed" and said the attack was not thought at this point to be terror-related, according the university's statement.

The Paris prosecutor's office said earlier Sunday that its counter-terrorism division had decided for the time being not to assume jurisdiction for investigating the attack. The prosecutor's office in the capital, which has responsibility for all terror-related cases in France, did not explain the reasoning behind the decision.

A spokeswoman for the Marseille prosecutor's office told The Associated Press in a telephone call that the suspect did not make any extremist threats or declarations during the late morning attack at the city's Saint Charles train station. She said there were no obvious indications that the woman's actions were terror-related.

The spokeswoman spoke on condition of anonymity, per the custom of the French judicial system. She said all four of the victims were in their 20s and treated at a hospital, two of them for shock. The suspect was taken into police custody.

Boston College identified the students as Courtney Siverling, Charlotte Kaufman, Michelle Krug and Kelsey Kosten.

The Marseille fire department was alerted just after 11 a.m. and dispatched four vehicles and 14 firefighters to the train station, a department spokeswoman said.

Two of the Americans were "slightly injured" with acid but did not require emergency medical treatment from medics at the scene, the spokeswoman said. She requested anonymity in keeping with fire department protocol.

A person with knowledge of the investigation said the suspect had a history of mental health problems but no apparent past links to extremism. The person was not authorized to be publicly named speaking about the investigation. Regional newspaper La Provence said the assailant remained at the site of the attack without trying to flee.

France has seen scattered attacks by unstable individuals as well as extremist violence in recent years, including in Marseille, a port city in southern France that is closer to Barcelona than Paris.

A driver deliberately rammed into two bus stops in Marseille last month, killing a woman, but officials said it wasn't terror-related.

In April, French police said they thwarted an imminent "terror attack" and arrested two suspected radicals in Marseille just days before the first round of France's presidential election. Paris prosecutor Francois Molins told reporters the two suspects "were getting ready to carry out an imminent, violent action." In January 2016, a 15-year-old Turkish Kurd was arrested after attacking a Jewish teacher on a Marseille street. He told police he acted in the name of the Islamic State group.


Angela Charlton in Paris and Crystal Hill in Boston contributed to the report.

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    The True Danger Of Hurricane Season Is Much More Long-Term

    Greetings from the apocalypse! I’m writing from the Summer of 2017, when wildfires have made Idaho and California smell like the Devil’s Vegan Barbecue, the sun is the color of a fresh period stain, and the Gulf Coast is aligned with the first teat of a four-boobied hurribeast.


    In a moment when it feels blasphemous to send anything but prayers, goodwill, money, awareness, donations, and time to everyone suffering from Harvey and the triplets of evil following it, there’s another story that needs to be told about these hurricanes:

    There is no upside, silver lining, or good news coming.

    More hurricanes, floods, and fires are on their way, and no one, not even the Americans in the Middle, are immune to what future natural disasters will do to this country. Not even Texas. Actually, let’s start with Texas.


    Texas Explains Why We’re Never Ready For Hurricanes

    I’m from South Texas, where the school year doesn’t feel real until you’ve had a Meet the Teacher night and a hurricane warning, sometimes on the same day. In my fuzzy childhood memories, hurricanes were exciting moments at the end of summer when you got to fill up your bathtub with a reckless amount of water and pray for a day off from school.

    Which explains why hurricane parties are a thing, and why you can find all of your hurricane party decorating needs on Pinterest. No other natural disaster comes with such a slow build and a festive atmosphere. And when hurricane season is built into your seasonal routine — my little sister was named after a hurricane that hit Texas 19 years before she was born — you just roll with them as best you can.

    So I wasn’t surprised that most of my friends, family, and childhood friends’ families didn’t evacuate when they knew Harvey was coming. It is very hard to get on a bus going to a place you don’t know for a thing that may or may not ever come. And Houston? Forget it. If you thought Houston should have been 100 percent evacuated, you’ve probably never been there. During Hurricane Rita, there were 100 deaths in Texas, 60 of which were related to Houston’s disastrous attempt to evacuate three million residents all at once.

    I also wasn’t surprised that Texans went nuts helping each other out once the waters started rising. Not because Texans are uniquely neighborly compared to other humans in distress, but because we’re uniquely good at self-publicity. It’s kind of our thing. That said, if you have South Texas friends on your Facebook timeline like I do, you know there were convoys of volunteers ready with food and water before Harvey was even done with its dirty business. Behind every dramatic rescue moment that went viral, there were thousands that no one saw, and for every tone-deaf Joel Osteen, there were hundreds of churches (and synagogues, and mosques!) mobilizing to provide immediate relief. I said there wasn’t a silver lining to Harvey, but that’s actually not true; after a summer of awful news, the storm reminded us that people are good.

    The problem is that being good in dangerous moments isn’t going fix next season’s weather. And this season’s hurricane victims are only facing the beginning of their problems.


    The Next Round Of Rescues Won’t Have Viral Videos

    Here’s what’s coming: Ten years after Katrina, New Orleans doctors reported a three-fold increase in heart attack victims. The stress from the flooding, multiple relocations, and disruptions in medical care are still messing with the bodies of the people who survived the storm. In the next few months, we should expect to see people contracting gastrointestinal problems from wading in standing water (I mean, we won’t literally see their diarrhea, but you get it). People with chronic issues like diabetes, heart disease, and asthma will suffer from disruptions in their medical care, which will lead to more hospital visits and deaths. It’s probably worth noting that Texas and the rest of the Gulf Coast aren’t in good shape to begin with, health-wise.

    Wait! It gets worse! I haven’t even talked about the mosquitoes yet! The West Nile virus was completely wiped out of the population in the immediate aftermath of Katrina. A year later, West Nile cases doubled. This map shows the Texas counties that identified cases of West Nile virus back in May, before hurricane season started:

    Texas Health and Human Services

    Nine counties in Texas have already started asking pregnant women to get the Zika test, because as you probably remember, Zika means joint pain, rashes, and fever for adults, but severe brain damage, microcephaly, and even death for unborn children.

    Wait, it gets even worse! Texas slashed Planned Parenthood funding in 2011, and abortions have been on the rise in the state ever since. What does that mean for pregnant women wading through mosquito-infested waters or working on cleaning up the debris outside their house right now? Hopefully nothing. Hopefully we never see Zika again, and these pregnant women deliver healthy babies who have happy lives ahead of them. Hopefully Texas women who aren’t pregnant today will have plenty of access to contraceptives in the next few months, because the mosquitoes might last until Christmas this year. There’s just some more bad news from Katrina that we have to cover, though:

    Katrina’s kids never quite recovered from the storm, either.

    Experts say that we’ll never know how many Louisiana children lost a year or more of school after Katrina. They know that Louisiana has one of the country’s highest rates of young adults who aren’t in school and aren’t at work — not because the kids who suffered through the storm just quit school then and there and committed to the hobo lifestyle, but because the average Katrina student moved seven times after the storm. Seven moves would do a number on any student, even the rich ones who are moving because their parents are moving up the corporate ladder or the tough military kids who move because the government makes them. Combine seven moves with a traumatizing childhood event, separation from extended family and communities, economic hardship, and the struggle to rebuild a life in a place where most of your friends and family are suffering through the same problems you are, and yeah, it’s no wonder Katrina’s students didn’t have a great graduation rate.

    And not finishing school a is big deal, because …


    We Like To Help Drowning People, But We Suck At Helping Poor People

    At the end of the day, bad things happen to everyone, but bad things happen extra hard to poor people. Sickness, natural disasters, layoffs, and addiction can obviously hit anyone at any financial level, but the most vulnerable among us have the hardest time recovering, if they recover at all. In other words, when you’re poor, a flood can lead to a series of setbacks that have decades of consequences. It’s called the Bad Break Test, and America is failing it.

    One researcher put the Bad Break Test this way:

    “In societies that function well, there are various safety nets in place to prevent a bad break from leading to a tailspin for particularly vulnerable victims. Compared to many other rich nations, the U.S. is not such a society — all too often, when vulnerable Americans encounter a bad break, there’s nothing underneath them to stop their slide. Instead, devastation follows, sometimes in the form of bankruptcy and addiction and death.”

    For example, America’s opioid crisis didn’t happen in a vacuum, and it certainly didn’t happen because of Mexicans. Some economists call the increase in overdoses, alcohol poisoning, and suicides “deaths of despair.” Americans are killing themselves over their economic prospects. There comes a point at which people stop trying to break out of their hopelessness and just start numbing themselves to death.

    What does the Bad Break Test have to do with hurricanes? 22 percent of Houston’s residents live under the poverty line. Yes, Texans are #TexasStrong and #TexasProud and will rebuild, but let’s not kid ourselves over who will bear the brunt of this storm and every storm to come: poor people who don’t have savings, insurance, or a Plan B or C or D to rely on when everything they own is destroyed. They’re already living in their Plan D, and Plan D is underwater or covered in mold.

    How do we cope with the millions of coastal Americans who have decades of hurricane seasons to come? The ones who are forced to leave already have a name, by the way: “climate refugees.” One Louisiana town has been granted 48 million federal dollars to just get out before the Gulf swallows them. The entire town is the first community in the world to get federal money to rebuild somewhere else before their island is washed away, and they’re struggling with figuring out how to do it. Even though we’re only talking about 60 people, they haven’t figured out how to move, and aren’t totally sure they even want to go.

    And that’s why we should all be worried. Humans are great at handling danger when it’s at the door, but not when it’s a hundred miles or a year away.


    Americans Are Good Heroes But Terrible Planners

    Real talk: The American states that will need the most help tackling flooding and extreme weather in the coming years also voted to keep the government out of their lives in the 2016 election. The fierce independence and self-reliance that Texas is so proud of is exactly what will doom them. Houston didn’t just flood because of a lot of rain; it flooded because it let people build neighborhoods in known flood zones. Why? Because the only reason white people live in Texas in the first place is that Anglos wanted space. Every time people try to build something in Texas, no one has the guts to tell them “No.”

    Footnote: The previous statement is not true. Mexico had the guts to tell people to stop building houses in Texas.

    Extra footnote: There are lots of conservationists and environmentalists in Texas. They’re just not in charge.

    It’s going to take a lot of tax dollars, research, government oversight, discipline, and humility to keep the Atlantic Ocean from swallowing our coasts, and our red states aren’t up for the challenge yet. We listen to our weathermen when the storms are a few days away, but not our scientists and engineers when they tell us that planning for disasters takes years and money. The thing is, Texas has a TON of money. We don’t even have to reinvent the wheel to save lives; we can study how a little bitty country like the Netherlands tackled their own flood monster and lived to tell the tale. If it were up to me, I’d pay close attention to any country that landed on “FLOODPLAIN COUNTRY” as its official name.

    You can find more from Kristi deep in the heart of Twitter.

    You can help someone in need by donating to the Victoria Food Bank.

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    John McCain won’t back Graham-Cassidy bill, likely ending GOP health care push

    (CNN)Sen. John McCain announced Friday in a statement that he cannot “in good conscience” vote for the GOP’s latest plan to overhaul Obamacare, likely ending Republicans’ latest effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

    “I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal,” the Arizona Republican said in a statement. “I believe we could do better working together, Republicans and Democrats, and have not yet really tried. Nor could I support it without knowing how much it will cost, how it will (affect) insurance premiums, and how many people will be helped or hurt by it. Without a full CBO score, which won’t be available by the end of the month, we won’t have reliable answers to any of those questions.”
    McCain’s “no” vote makes it very likely Republicans won’t be able to repeal and replace Obamacare before September 30, as Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said he would not back the effort and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is also expected to vote “no” on the proposal.
      Republicans need at least 50 votes to pass the measure under the process of reconciliation.
      McCain was one of three most-watched members on the fence and considered a key vote on the bill. Without his support, Republicans would need to get Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska, as well as Collins to sign on. It’s unlikely considering the fact that Collins said Friday afternoon that she was leaning against the bill and had key concerns that the legislation did not do enough to protect individuals with pre-existing conditions.
      “I’m leaning against the bill,” Collins said Friday at a Portland, Maine, event, according to The Portland Press Herald.
      A Republican aide involved in the process said Friday afternoon that GOP leaders are at the “evaluating options” stage right now.
      The aide added, “I’m not breaking news telling you this isn’t good.”
      Paul, the only other Republican other than McCain who has so far definitively come out against Graham-Cassidy, is “unlikely” to change his mind even if changes are made to the bill, his spokesman Sergio Gor told CNN.
      McCain’s announcement comes despite that one of the bill’s key sponsors — Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina — is a close confidant. The thinking was if anyone could convince McCain to vote “yes,” it would be Graham.
      “I take no pleasure in announcing my opposition. Far from it,” McCain said. “The bill’s authors are my dear friends, and I think the world of them. I know they are acting consistently with their beliefs and sense of what is best for the country. So am I.”
      McCain has said for weeks that he would not support health care legislation that had not gone through “regular order,” meaning Senate hearings, an amendment process and a rigorous floor debate.
      Graham said he “respectfully” disagrees with McCain and will “press on” with his legislation.
      “My friendship with John McCain is not based on how he votes but respect for how he’s lived his life and the person he is,” Graham said in a statement and on Twitter.
      McCain voted “no” on the last health care proposal in July for the same reason. McCain’s dramatic floor vote, which happened just weeks after he was diagnosed with brain cancer, came in the early morning and was captured as one of his most “maverick” moments in the Senate.

      Democrats praise McCain

      Just moments after McCain announced his opposition, Democrats seized on the opportunity to bring back bipartisan talks that had stalled last week.
      Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington and Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee had held bipartisan hearings over the last month on how to stabilize Obamacare marketplaces and were making progress in their negotiations. But the House leadership made it clear last week that the chamber probably would not be able to pass such a bill.
      As soon as McCain announced his opposition, Murray announced she was still open to reigniting those talks.
      “I agree with Senator McCain that the right way to get things done in the Senate — especially on an issue as important to families as their health care — is through regular order and working together to find common ground,” Murray said. “I’m still at the table ready to keep working, and I remain confident that we can reach a bipartisan agreement as soon as this latest partisan approach by Republican leaders is finally set aside.”
      Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also praised McCain shortly after his announcement.
      “John McCain shows the same courage in Congress that he showed when he was a naval aviator,” the New York Democrat said in a statement. “I have assured Senator McCain that as soon as repeal is off the table, we Democrats are intent on resuming the bipartisan process.”
      For her part, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said her members would continue working “to put the stake in the heart of this monstrous bill.”
      “This weekend, we will continue to highlight the devastating costs Republicans are trying to inflict on hard-working Americans,” she said in a letter to colleagues.
      This story has been updated and will update with additional developments.

      Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/22/politics/john-mccain-health-care/index.html

      Why Couples Who Watch Horror Movies Together End Up Happiest

      Sweeney Todd

      There’s a biological reason couples who watch horror together seem to be the happiest. As one doctor explains, “When we’re scared, our brains pump out the feel-good chemical dopamine, the same chemical we release when we’re infatuated with someone.” Horror brings us closer together by biologically cementing attraction.

      Watching horror movies together also makes a couple feel closer because they are having a shared emotional experience. Throughout the film they’ll share the feeling of fear and later relief as the plot develops. It’s good for the health of your relationship to have vulnerable moments together, and there are plenty of those while watching something that may make you jump or want to sleep with the lights on later. Also, it doesn’t hurt that horror movies are a great excuse to get close and cuddle up, reminding your partner that they make you feel safe and releasing feel-good oxytocin with all that skin-to skin contact.

      It’s also about the of people who love horror. Couples who watch horror movies together know you don’t need expensive or extravagant dates to be a healthy couple. They are happiest with the simple act of being at home enjoying each other’s company. They are down to earth, easy to please, and value quality time all elements of lasting happiness for a couple.

      People who regularly watch horror movies are less stressed out people in general, which has a big impact on relationship health. Horror movies have a calming effect generated by the cycle of adrenaline production and the way watching something so engrossing gives your brain a break. They serve as mini “vacations” that allow you to come back rested and with more resilience to deal with the normal stresses of life.

      There’s nothing like bonding over a newfound fear, or your criticism of how dumb that girl must be to investigate a strange noise in the basement with a serial killer on the loose. Watching horror movies together is an inexpensive, easy habit to work into your routine that keeps you bonded to your partner. Look around at the couples you know who watch horror together, and you’ll see what you’re missing out on.

      Read more: https://thoughtcatalog.com/emily-madriga/2017/09/heres-why-couples-who-watch-horror-movies-together-end-up-happiest/

      This Teacher’s Neat (But Extremely Gross) Experiment For Her Students Has Gone Viral

      Teaching children to love science can be difficult. Getting kids to wash their hands can be even more so. Well, one teacher in Gray’s Creek, North Carolina, has managed to do both for her class in one foul, really gross swoop.

      In a post that’s gone viral on Facebook, Donna Gill Allen showed off a neat experiment she did with her class to teach them about the importance of washing their hands.

      “To all my teacher friends this is the grossest yet coolest experiment,” she wrote. “I did this while teaching about germs and how they spread. You use three pieces of bread. You let all the kids see you put a piece of bread in a baggy with a glove on hence ‘controlled’ then you wash your hands and put a piece of bread in a baggy for ‘clean’ last but definitely not least you pass a piece of bread around and let every kid in class touch it then you put it in a baggy and label it dirty.”

      “Watch how the bread changes over time due to germs. It is so cool and a great way to teach the importance of hand washing”.

      And boy does the bread change.

      Donna Gill Allen / Facebook


      The control bread and the slice that had been handled with washed hands show little signs of mold, whilst the bread that had been handled with “dirty hands” is covered in mold, due to the spores the children had wiped all over it. Feeling an urge to wash your hands?

      The experiment has been met with praise online, with people calling it a great idea and a cute way to teach kids about germs. It could also be used to teach science classes about using controls in studies.

      Other commenters have also suggested that this needs to be shown to adults, who clearly aren’t taking hygiene seriously enough, and have tagged people who should wash their hands more.

      If this hasn’t grossed you out enough, check out this experiment from Buzzfeed that looks at how McDonald’s burgers don’t ever appear to go moldy, despite being left out for a long time. To understand why, check out the full explanation of what’s going on here.



      Read more: http://www.iflscience.com/chemistry/this-teachers-neat-but-extremely-gross-experiment-for-her-students-has-gone-viral/

      “She Gave Me the Ultimate Sacrifice”: Selena Gomez Reveals Why Shes Been Laying Low After Life-Saving Transplant

      Over the last two years, Selena Gomez has been pretty open with fans about her battle with lupus, and the faith walk that is getting her through it.

      “I was diagnosed with lupus, and I’ve been through chemotherapy,” she told Billboard in October 2015. “That’s what my break was really about. I could’ve had a stroke.”

      And just yesterday, the singer explained her absence from the public eye once again with a heartfelt Instagram post, in which she described her recent kidney transplant.

      “I’m very aware some of my fans had noticed I was laying low for part of the summer and questioning why I wasn’t promoting my new music, which I was extremely proud of,” wrote the singer. “So I found out I needed to get a kidney transplant due to my Lupus and was recovering. It was what I needed to do for my overall health. I honestly look forward to sharing with you, soon my journey through these past several months as I have always wanted to do with you.”

      Along with the caption was a sweet photo of Selena and her friend Francia Raisa holding hands, side-by-side in their hospital beds.


      When she heard of Selena’s need for a kidney, ‘The Secret Life Of The American Teenager’ star offered to donate hers without a second thought.

      “There aren’t words to describe how I can possibly thank my beautiful friend Francia Raisa,” wrote Selena of her friend’s selfless act. “She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me. I am incredibly blessed. I love you so much sis.”


      The songstress shared a photo of her post-op scar and has been recovering nicely. She hopes to be back in full swing very soon.

      Selena stamped the end of her transplant announcement with the four little but powerful words that have carried her through each step of her journey: “by grace through faith.”

      Through her battle with the largely misunderstood autoimmune disease, Selena hopes to raise public awareness for the sake of others suffering from lupus. She closes her post with a call-to-action for fans to educate themselves on what has been coined an ‘invisible illness.’

      “Lupus continues to be very misunderstood but progress is being made,” she writes. “For more information regarding Lupus please go to the Lupus Research Alliance website: www.lupusresearch.org/.

      Read more: http://faithit.com/selena-gomez-friend-donates-kidney-lupus/