11 Weird Things That Relieve Stress & Make You Feel More Relaxed In Seconds

11 Weird Things That Relieve Stress & Make You Feel More Relaxed In Seconds

If you don’t take care of it, stress can turn into an ongoing, toxic cycle. You’re super stressed about work, or your friendships, or your relationship, or all of the above, and since you don’t always immediately know what to do about it, you get even stressed out, and the cycle just keeps going and going. Honestly, trying a few random, weird things that relieve stress is probably your best bet if you feel like you’ve already tried everything you can to help you relax, but have yet to see any real results.

Stress can be debilitating, there’s no doubt about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, or you’re working a full-time job, or even if you’re a traveling Instagrammer who posts beautiful pictures of beautiful places. gets stressed out from time to time. What really matters is whether or not you choose to cope with your stress in a healthy way, and how you choose to do so.

There are tons of free, easy, and quick ways to relieve stress instantly. You don’t have to spend money on expensive workout classes, or talk your friends’ ears off  about the latest drama at work — unless you want to, in which case, go for it. But if you’re looking to find new ways to relieve stress, here are 10 kind of random, but seriously effective ways you can instantly relieve your anxiety in a matter of seconds.

1Fake A Smile


Fake it ’til you make it, right? Although in general, forcing emotions isn’t the best idea, studies show that smiling, even when you don’t mean it, can trick your brain into feeling happier.

A fake smile can reduce your stress in seconds, and who knows, it might even influence the atmosphere of whatever else is going on around you!

2Put Your Thumb In Your Mouth And Blow On It


Yeah, I tried it too as soon as I read that. It’s true: Blowing on your thumb (if the air passage is totally blocked) will activate something called your vagus nerve, which in turn will decrease your heart rate and blood pressure.

So if you can find some space at work to hide in a corner and suck your thumb, this is a really fast way to decrease pressure and relieve stress almost immediately.

3Blow On Your Thumb

If you can’t find some private space to suck on your thumb, subtly blowing cool air on it might do the trick, too. This is because your thumb has its own pulse, and blowing on it will slow the pulse and therefore decrease your stress.

Since this one’s a little more low-key, it’s especially great to try when you’re at a stressful work event and can’t find an opportunity to sneak away.

4Chew Some Gum


Chewing gum while you’re stressed has been shown to reduce your overall anxiety in any given situation, and it can lead to an overall more positive mood.

This one could be tough, since chewing gum isn’t always professional in a lot of work environments. But if you’re out with friends or on your own, chewing gum is a great way to blow off stress without going out of your way.

5Find Fractals


Fractals are patterns that you find organically in nature, such as the petals of a flower or the diametric shape of a spiderweb. Taking some time to gaze out at ocean waves, or to examine some pretty snowflakes, can reduce your stress by up to 60 percent.

What’s more, you can start to make a point of exposing yourself to a fractal-rich environment once you’re more aware of them. For example, you can try to plan a walk to work where you pass through a garden.

6Take A Deep Breath

This one seems obvious, but you have to actually think about you’re breathing in order for this to really work. Deep breathing is no joke, and neither are the health effects you can reap if you do it right.

Try to slow your breathing overall first, then inhale until your lungs are fully expanded, and slowly exhale. This type of deep breathing will slow your heart rate, and it also activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the relaxation response, your body’s way of relieving stress.

7Stand Near A Plant


Yep, you read that correctly. Simply surrounding yourself with plant life can reduce your stress instantly. A study by Washington State University revealed that the presence of plants in an office space instantly reduces blood pressure, and even increases productivity.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to splurge on some succulents for your apartment or your work desk, this is your sign to do so, my friend.

8Apply Pressure Between Your Second And Third Knuckles

This is a very, um, unique, way to relieve stress, but it actually works.

Apply pressure between the second and third knuckle of your finger, right where the finger meets the hand. This will activate a nerve that will help to reduce that awful fluttery feeling you get when you’re feeling super stressed out.

9Try An Easy Yoga Pose


Yeah, you probably don’t always have time for a full hour of yoga, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of this meditative practice in a shorter amount of time.

A few simple yoga poses can easily be done at home in mere minutes, and the movements will help encourage deep breathing as well as bodily awareness, both of which will promote relaxation.

10Drink Some Green Tea


Green tea contains theanine, which is an amino acid that has been found to counteract the effects of caffeine. Since caffeine can increase your heart rate and increase your overall stress response, drinking green tea is a great way to counteract the body’s response to stressful situations.

11Knock A Few Chores Off Of Your List


Doing repetitive motions that you’re familiar with is a great way to lower your stress — and get sh*t done!

If you’re feeling seriously overwhelmed with anything in your life, one great strategy is to focus on some things you can do around your apartment that require motion, like cleaning your kitchen or taking out the trash. If you’re at work, use your lunch break to run some errands. Between the walking and the act of the chore itself, you’ll be sure to calm down a little in no time.

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The 7 Psychotic Things Your Favorite Celebs Do To Stay Healthy

Look, I’ve tried a lot of bizarre diets and weird beauty hacks in my day. From Paleo, to Atkins, to low-carb to high-carb to Keto to vegan to juicing to brothing to counting calories and exercising, I’ve done it all, and most betches can say the same. Can you blame us? We’re bored and practically willing to do anything to avoid regular exercise and a well-balanced diet. With that being said, there are certain lines we just won’t cross. Like, sometimes you just know that a certain ingredient doesn’t belong in your body or on your skin, and there are no further questions, no matter how many times Jennifer Aniston endorsed it. Celebrities are obviously insane, and some of them go to v dramatic lengths to stay healthy. Here’s some of the craziest shit they do.

1. Kate Upton Takes Wheatgrass Shots In her Eyeballs

This news just came out, and it’s honestly what prompted me to do more research on these weird celebrity health habits. Why the fuck would anyone put wheatgrass shots in their eyes, you may be wondering? Apparently it’s supposed to hydrate your eyes, and Kate swears by it. “I wear contacts, and the wheatgrass really works,” she said in an interview. “It basically hydrates your eyeballs. It’s like flushing out your eye.”

2. Miley Cyrus Spreads Avocado On Her Face

A couple years ago, Miley posted a pic on Instagram with the caption, “The avocado obsesh is mad real.” I mean, we obviously agree with that statement (cue my 500 avocado toast orders), but like, not on our faces. The picture shows the avocado spread all over her face like guac, and it literally has chunks in it. I’m gonna vom. I really don’t care if it makes your skin smooth or clear or whatever, it’s gross. Can we stick with a mud mask next time?

3. Reese Witherspoon Eats 10 Jars Of Baby Food Everyday

I’m literally trying not to gag while thinking about this diet. Baby food is meant for babies, just like dog food is meant for dogs (although I wouldn’t be surprised if that were a new weight loss trend at this point.) I mean, relatively speaking, I guess this isn’t the most inedible diet ever, but baby food is just mushed up fruits and veggies, so why don’t you just eat fruits and vegetables instead? Or like, a smoothie? Reese, you make no sense to me.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow Sprays Silver On Her Airplane Seat

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Queen of wellness and Goop guru Gwyneth sprays her airplane seat with literal silver before a flight. Apparently this spray is sold by naturopathic medicine brands, and it’s made with potassium, distilled water, and actual silver. People say it fights off bacteria and viruses. IDK. Let’s keep in mind this is done by the woman who gets her vagina steamed, so you do you, Gwyneth.

5. Kourtney Kardashian Drinks Avocado & Sugar For Breakfast

We’ve already talked about the health benefits of Kourtney Kardashian’s daily lemon water, but I think it’s time to talk about what the fuck this girl actually eats for breakfast, because it’s alarming. Kourtney literally blends an avocado with sugar and drinks it as a smoothie, and like, sometimes eats with a spoon. Is this healthy? Is it good? Is anyone else getting hazing PTSD from the concoctions you had to drink as a pledge? So many questions, and I’d like some answers.

6. Madonna Bathes In Basil

This situation actually sounds kind of relaxing, but it’s also super weird. Madonna reportedly takes a basil bath on the reg, which literally consists of a bathtub filled with herbs. Basil is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory agent, so it can help combat stress and muscle pain and apparently make you look amazing. I mean, this sounds time-consuming and annoying, but if this is why Madonna looks so good at age 60, I can get down with a basil bath every now and then. But like, does the basil get stuck in the drain at the end? I need to know.

7. January Jones Eats Her Own Placenta

Um, was this cleared by a doctor?! January Jones once told reporters that she eats her own placenta in capsule form everyday. She claims “your placenta gets dehydrated and made into vitamins,” which is still not a reason to eat it, if you ask me. She says she recommends it to all moms, but whether or not anyone wants to take her new mommy tip is questionable. I’m really not over this. Your own placenta?! Really? I can’t. Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.

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“I Still Have Nightmares”: Nurse Who Doctors Forced to Perform Abortion Makes Tearful Plea

Anti-abortion lawmakers and pro-life medical professionals gathered on Capitol Hill last Wednesday in support of an end-of-year spending bill which would protect health care professionals who object to taking part in abortions.

The Conscience Protection Act of 2017 would allow doctors, nurses, healthcare providers and institutions to sue in circumstances where they’re coerced into performing abortions, partaking in such or discriminated against for refusing to do so.

While the current law protects against discrimination, it does not allow for legal action in cases where that law may have been broken.

A press conference following Wednesday’s bill proposal, featured Cathy DeCarlo, a New York City-based nurse who claims despite her religious objections, she was forced in 2009 to assist a doctor in performing an abortion.

DeCarlo recounted the day she says still gives her nightmares.

“I was preparing for what I thought was going to be a common procedure following a miscarriage only to realize that I was being asked to perform an abortion on a live, 22-week-old unborn baby,” she said tearfully at Wednesday’s press conference.

After seeking the resident doctor as well as her supervisor for a replacement, DeCarlo was informed she would be required to assist with the abortion.

“I reminded her in tears about the hospital’s legal obligation to never force me to participate in an abortion, but to always find a substitute nurse—but she refused. My supervisor insisted that I had to do the abortion and that if I didn’t assist, I would be charged with insubordination and abandoning my patient. My nursing career and ability to care for patients and provide for my family would be over. I’ll never forget that day as I watched in horror as a doctor dismembered and removed the baby’s bloody limbs—and I had to account for all the pieces.”

DeCarlo says she hopes sharing her experience will lead Congress to pass The Conscience Protection Act so that other nurses and healthcare professionals are never forced to endure the nightmare she’s re-lived for eight years now.

A native of the Philippines, DeCarlo believes America has a duty to protect the conscience rights of healthcare workers who have made a personal commitment to protecting and saving lives.

Another nurse who spoke at Wednesday’s event was Sandra Mendoza. The “award-winning” nurse hailing from Illinois said she lost her job in 2015 at the Winnebago County Health Department because of her “religious convictions that prevent me from taking a person’s life.”

“I’m called to protect life, not destroy it,” she said. “While we may not all agree on abortion, I’d hope we can all agree that no doctor or nurse should be forced out of employment on account of their faith and commitment to protecting life.”

Read more: https://faithit.com/nurse-forced-perform-abortion-conscience-protection-act/

11 Devastating Signs Youve Been Abused By A Malignant Narcissist

Sam Burriss

Imagine this: your entire reality has been warped and distorted. You have been mercilessly violated, manipulated, lied to, ridiculed, demeaned and gaslighted into believing that you are imagining things.  The person you thought you knew and the life you built together have been shattered into a million little fragments.

Your sense of self has been eroded, diminished. You were idealized, devalued, then shoved off the pedestal. Perhaps you were even replaced and discarded multiple times, only to be ‘hoovered’ and lured back into an abuse cycle even more torturous than before. Maybe you were relentlessly stalked, harassed and bullied to stay with your abuser.

This was no normal break-up or relationship: this was a set-up for covert and insidious murder of your psyche and sense of safety in the world. Yet there may not be visible scars to tell the tale; all you have are broken pieces, fractured memories and internal battle wounds.

This is what narcissistic abuse looks like.

Psychological violence by malignant narcissists can include verbal and emotional abuse, toxic projection, stonewalling, sabotage, smear campaigns, triangulation along with a plethora of other forms of coercion and control. This is imposed by someone who lacks empathy, demonstrates an excessive sense of entitlement and engages in interpersonal exploitation to meet their own needs at the expense of the rights of others.

As a result of chronic abuse, victims may struggle with symptoms of PTSDComplex PTSD if they had additional traumas like being abused by narcissistic parents or even what is known as “Narcissistic Victim Syndrome” (Cannonville, 2015; Staggs 2016). The aftermath of narcissistic abuse can include depression, anxiety, hypervigilance, a pervasive sense of  toxic shame, emotional flashbacks that regress the victim back to the abusive incidents, and overwhelming feelings of helplessness and worthlessness.

When we are in the midst of an ongoing abuse cycle, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what we are experiencing because abusers are able to twist and turn reality to suit their own needs, engage in intense love-bombing after abusive incidents and convince their victims that they are the ones who are abusers.

If you find yourself experiencing the eleven symptoms below and you are or have been in a toxic relationship with a partner that disrespects, invalidates and mistreats you, you may just have been terrorized by an emotional predator:

1. You experience dissociation as a survival mechanism.

You feel emotionally or even physically detached from your environment, experiencing disruptions in your memory, perceptions, consciousness and sense of self. As Dr. Van der Kolk (2015) writes in his book, , “Dissociation is the essence of trauma. The overwhelming experience is split off and fragmented, so that the emotions, sounds, images, thoughts and physical sensations take on a life of their own.”

Dissociation can lead to emotional numbing in the face of horrific circumstances. Mind-numbing activities, obsessions, addictions and repression may become a way of life because they give you an escape from your current reality. Your brain finds ways to emotionally block out the impact of your pain so you do not have to deal with the full terror of your circumstances.

You may also develop traumatized ‘inner parts’ that become disjointed from the personality you inhabit with your abuser or loved ones (Johnston, 2017). These inner parts can include the inner child parts that were never nurtured, the true anger and disgust you feel towards your abuser or parts of yourselves you feel you cannot express around them.

According to therapist Rev. Sheri Heller (2015), “Integrating and reclaiming dissociated and disowned aspects of the personality is largely dependent on constructing a cohesive narrative, which allows for the assimilation of emotional, cognitive, and physiological realities.” This inner integration is best done with the help of a trauma-informed therapist.

2. You walk on eggshells.

A common symptom of trauma is avoiding anything that represents reliving the trauma – whether it be people, places or activities that pose that threat. Whether it be your friend, your partner, your family member, co-worker or boss, you find yourself constantly watching what you say or do around this person lest you incur their wrath, punishment or become the object of their envy.

However, you find that this does not work and you still become the abuser’s target whenever he or she feels entitled to use you as an emotional punching bag. You become perpetually anxious about ‘provoking’ your abuser in any way and may avoid confrontation or setting boundaries as a result.

You may also extend your people-pleasing behavior outside of the abusive relationship, losing your ability to be spontaneous or assertive while navigating the outside world, especially with people who resemble or are associated with your abuser and the abuse.

3. You put aside your basic needs and desires, sacrificing your emotional and even your physical safety to please the abuser.

You may have once been full of life, goal-driven and dream-oriented. Now you feel as if you are living just to fulfill the needs and agendas of another person. Once, the narcissist’s entire life seemed to revolve around you; now your entire life revolves around .

You may have placed your goals, hobbies, friendships and personal safety on the back burner just to ensure that your abuser feels ‘satisfied’ in the relationship. Of course, you soon realize that he or she will never truly be satisfied regardless of what you do or don’t do.

4. You are struggling with health issues and somatic symptoms that represent your psychological turmoil.

You may have gained or lost a significant amount of weight, developed serious health issues that did not exist prior and experienced physical symptoms of premature aging. The stress of chronic abuse has sent your cortisol levels into overdrive and your immune system has taken a severe hit, leaving you vulnerable to physical ailments and disease (Bergland, 2013).

You find yourself unable to sleep or experiencing terrifying nightmares when you do, reliving the trauma through emotional or visual flashbacks that bring you back to the site of the original wounds (Walker, 2013).

5. You develop a pervasive sense of mistrust.

Every person now represents a threat and you find yourself becoming anxious about the intentions of others, especially having experienced the malicious actions of someone you once trusted. Your usual caution becomes hypervigilance. Since the narcissistic abuser has worked hard to gaslight you into believing that your experiences are invalid, you have a hard time trusting anyone, including yourself.

6. You experience suicidal ideation or self-harming tendencies.

Along with depression and anxiety may come an increased sense of hopelessness. Your circumstances feel unbearable, as if you cannot escape, even if you wanted to. You develop a sense of learned helplessness that makes you feel as if you don’t wish to survive another day. You may even engage in self-harm as a way to cope.

As Dr. McKeon (2014), chief of the suicide prevention branch at SAMHSA notes, victims of intimate partner violence are twice as likely to attempt suicide multiple times. This is the way abusers essentially commit murder without a trace.

7. You self-isolate.

Many abusers isolate their victims, but victims also isolate themselves because they feel ashamed about the abuse they’re experiencing. Given the victim-blaming and misconceptions about emotional and psychological violence in society, victims may even be retraumatized by law enforcement, family members, friends and the harem members of the narcissist who might invalidate their perceptions of the abuse.

They fear no one will understand or believe them, so instead of reaching out for help, they decide to withdraw from others as a way to avoid judgment and retaliation from their abuser.

8. You find yourself comparing yourself to others, often to the extent of blaming yourself for the abuse.

A narcissistic abuser is highly skilled at manufacturing love triangles or bringing another person into the dynamic of the relationship to further terrorize the victim. As a result, victims of narcissistic abuse internalize the fear that they are not enough and may constantly strive to ‘compete’ for the abuser’s attention and approval.

Victims may also compare themselves to others in happier, healthier relationships or find themselves wondering why their abuser appears to treat complete strangers with more respect. This can send them down the trapdoor of wondering, “why me?” and stuck in an abyss of self-blame. The truth is, the abuser is the person who should be blamed – you are in no way responsible for being abused.

9. You self-sabotage and self-destruct.

Victims often find themselves ruminating over the abuse and hearing the abuser’s voice in their minds, amplifying their negative self-talk and tendency towards self-sabotage. Malignant narcissists ‘program’ and condition their victims to self-destruct – sometimes even to the point of driving them to suicide.

Due to the narcissist’s covert and overt put-downs, verbal abuse and hypercriticism, victims develop a tendency to punish themselves because they carry such toxic shame. They may sabotage their goals, dreams and academic pursuits. The abuser has instilled in them a sense of worthlessness and they begin to believe that they are undeserving of good things.

10. You fear doing what you love and achieving success.

Since many pathological predators are envious of their victims, they punish them for succeeding. This conditions their victims to associate their joys, interests, talents and areas of success with cruel and callous treatment. This conditioning gets their victims to fear success lest they be met with reprisal and reprimand.

As a result, victims become depressed, anxious, lack confidence and they may hide from the spotlight and allow their abusers to ‘steal’ the show again and again. Realize that your abuser is not undercutting your gifts because they truly believe you are inferior; it is because those gifts threaten their control over you.

11. You protect your abuser and even ‘gaslight’ yourself.

Rationalizing, minimizing and denying the abuse are often survival mechanisms for victims in an abusive relationship. In order to reduce the cognitive dissonance that erupts when the person who claims to love you mistreats you, victims of abuse convince themselves that the abuser is really not ‘all that bad’ or that they must have done something to ‘provoke’ the abuse.

It is important to reduce this cognitive dissonance by reading up on the narcissistic personality and abuse tactics; this way, you are able to reconcile your current reality with the narcissist’s false self by recognizing that the abusive personality, not the charming facade, is their true self.

Remember that an intense trauma bond is often formed between victim and abuser because the victim is ‘trained’ to rely on the abuser for his or her survival (Carnes, 2015). Victims may protect their abusers from legal consequences, portray a happy image of the relationship on social media or overcompensate by ‘sharing the blame’ of the abuse.

I’ve been narcissistically abused. Now what?

If you are currently in an abusive relationship of any kind, know that you are not alone even if you feel like you are. There are millions of survivors all over the world who have experienced what you have.  This form of psychological torment is not exclusive to any gender, culture, social class or religion. The first step is becoming aware of the reality of your situation and validating it – even if your abuser attempts to gaslight you into believing otherwise.

If you can, journal about the experiences you have been going through to begin acknowledging the realities of the abuse. Share the truth with a trusted mental health professional, domestic violence advocates, family members, friends or fellow survivors. Begin to ‘heal’ your body through modalities like trauma-focused yoga and mindfulness meditation, two practices that target the same parts of the brain often affected by trauma (van der Kolk, 2015).

Reach out for help if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, especially suicidal ideation. Consult a trauma-informed counselor who understands and can help guide you through the symptoms of trauma. Make a safety plan if you have concerns about your abuser getting violent.

It is not easy to leave an abusive relationship due to the intense trauma bonds that can develop, the effects of trauma and the pervasive sense of helplessness and hopelessness that can form as a result of the abuse. Yet you have to know that it is in fact possible to leave and to begin the journey to No Contact or Low Contact in the cases of co-parenting. Recovery from this form of abuse is challenging, but it is well worth paving the path back to freedom and putting the pieces back together.

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This article originally appeared on Psych Central as 11 Signs You’re the Victim of Narcissistic Abuse on August 21, 2017.

Read more: https://thoughtcatalog.com/shahida-arabi/2017/11/11-devastating-signs-youve-been-abused-by-a-malignant-narcissist/

Quick Ways To Recover From The Horror Story That Was Your Halloween Weekend

Oh boy, Halloweekend is over, and you’re probably too scared to even look in the mirror at the moment, let alone show up at work. Whether you’re currently regretting all the Fireball shots you chased with mini Kit Kats, your hookup with some tool in a Donald Trump costume, or your brilliant idea to debut your entire shit-show of a night on your Snapchat story, you’ve put your body through a lot, and you’re struggling with the pain of Monday morning sobriety. You’ve had your fun and eaten your fair share of candy, but now it’s time to get your shit together. Here’s how to recover your body from its current state of Halloween horror.

1. Drink Water

Fucking duh. Water is the universally accepted hangover cure, and as such, it does wonders for your headaches, dehydration, and any post-drinking digestion issues. If you’ve been getting your fluids from sketchy punch and vodka sodas all weekend, your body is in desperate need of water, so start chugging. Water has been proven to cure hangovers since ancient times (I assume), and if you forgot to drink some before going to bed, it’s not too late to start now. If you’re an overachiever, add some lemon and ginger to help soothe your stomach and get your metabolism moving again. If it keeps Kourtney Kardashian skinny after three births, chances are it’ll help you out after this weekend.

2. Throw Out The Candy

If you woke up this morning with candy corn in your bed, you’ve overdone it on the Halloween candy, and it’s not the time to store the extras in your desk drawer or buy fun sized Twix bars on sale at CVS. There’s a reason adults don’t go trick-or-treating, and it’s not because we have better things to do. Well, it sort of is, but it’s MOSTLY because we don’t have the metabolism we had at age eight. Sorry. Just get rid of your candy so you won’t be tempted to eat it all week. You can even offer it to your neighbor as a peace treaty for all the times they’ve told you to keep the noise down. Works like a charm.

3. Get Some Sleep

This tip seems pretty obvious, but for some reason people think their bodies won’t mind if they run on less than five hours of sleep for like, two weeks straight. If you got no sleep this weekend, you owe it to your body to put down the Red Bull (yes, and the Adderall) and rest up, even if that means calling in for a sick day, or worse—cancelling happy hour plans. When your body is deprived of sleep, not only are you lacking energy, but your brain tries to compensate by telling you you’re hungry, so you end up craving junk food and chocolate all day. Oh, and coffee doesn’t count. Get some sleep.

4. Eat Omega-3’s

We don’t usually believe in the power of superfoods or magical ingredients, but omega-3’s are the shit. End of story. A lot of people take omega-3 supplements to help with weight loss and skin care, but you can get enough of them just by eating the right foods. Things like salmon, walnuts, and flax seeds are all packed with omega-3’s, and you’ll notice a difference within a few days of eating them. Omega-3’s help fight inflammation, protect your body from viruses, and even help prevent breakouts. If you’re feeling gross from your weekend drinking bender, stop Googling SkinnyTeas and start making some salmon. You’ll thank us.

5. Limit Dairy Intake

As much as we love our daily Sweetgreen salad with extra feta, try to eliminate dairy from your diet as much as you can, at least for the next few days. If you tend to feel bloated from drinking and your skin is prone to breakouts, eating a lot of dairy will only make those symptoms worse. To make your body feel and look better after this weekend, cut out the dairy, and try to stick to whole grains, lean protein sources, and healthy fats (see: the salmon argument). You might not be straight-up lactose intolerant, but most people have trouble digesting dairy like other foods, so you might as well make things easier on your body right now and just avoid.

6. Sweat That Shit Out

And finally, the advice that no one wants to hear, but seems pretty inevitable. If you feel like shit after one too many tequila shots, you can chug a Poland Spring bottle and eat a slice of whole grain toast, but there’s nothing better for your body than breaking a sweat. You might feel nauseous and slightly suicidal, but take an Advil, put on your sports bra, and suck it up. (Words I live by tbh.) Book a bike, go on a run, sign up for yoga—we don’t care. Just do a workout that will allow your body to sweat out the toxins it’s accumulated over the weekend. It’ll probably suck and you’ll want to cry or vomit (or both), but you’ll end up feeling and looking so much better. Obviously not right away, but like, maybe after a shower. 


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Squares dominant year hits a snag

Square is continuing to make its bid to capture the payments of small businesses around the world, as well as tap into the momentum of peer-to-peer payments products with Square Cash, as its payments volume continues a steady and methodical rise — though, Wall Street still seems a little skeptical today as the stock is down slightly.

Square’s gross payments volume, a critical metric for the company’s health and success, continued to rise year-over-year as it looks to go up against other payment providers and accrue a big share of payment volume. In fact, the growth year-over-year for its GPV has been pretty consistent, hovering around a 31 percent jump year-over-year on each quarter, while the company’s revenue saw a more significant jump than normal. Here’s a look at the numbers:

Here’s something we’ll be watching closely for the next few quarters as Square moves forward, however: its services revenue. The company said it generated $65 million in services revenue this quarter, which was nearly double last year — with Square saying Instant Deposit, Caviar and Square Capital contributed the majority. If we were to excise that $65 million from the company’s net revenue, the picture looks a little different:

That’s going to be important to Square, as it looks to crack into the entire experience of running a small business with both its Register products and its Square Capital business. Last month Square announced a $999 Register product that’s designed to serve as a one-stop point of sale for small businesses. Square has been able to tap into some demand from small businesses that are looking for an easier — or maybe slicker — approach to running their business with Register.

Still, on the hardware front, the company said it generated $10 million in revenue, which it said was slightly down on a sequential basis. That may end up changing as it looks to roll out the Register product, but Square said its hardware growth rates have normalized since the first half of 2016.

While Square has seen an enormous run-up in the past year, it could be that Wall Street has finally started to take a small step back and re-evaluate Square’s business after lifting its value by billions of dollars. And here’s a look at the revenue, which has also seen a pretty consistent rise over the past few quarters. Since the third quarter last year, Square’s adjusted revenue has grown by around 45 percent year-over-year each quarter. Here’s the chart:

In the past year, Square has been on one heck of a run, with the stock tripling since November 2016. Part of that is because the company has very consistently impressed investors as it continues to methodically grow its business, which is now worth more than $13 billion. Wall Street seems mixed on how to react here from the report today, as the stock has swung from losing 5 points up to gaining 3 following the release of the report. Here’s what the run looks like:

Overall, it was a pretty good quarter for Square when you look at the numbers, though we’ll be keeping an eye on what its revenue looks like without services as that story continues to play out. The company also raised the guidance for its financial performance for the year, saying it would see a growth of around 37 percent in its adjusted revenue (which is the better metric for its performance than net revenue).

Here’s the final slash line for the company:

  • Q3 adjusted revenue: $257 million, compared to Wall Street estimates of $244.6 million
  • Q3 earnings per share: 7 cents per share, compared to Wall Street estimates of 5 cents per share
  • Q3 GPV: $17.4 billion, up 31 percent from $13.2 billion in Q3 last year
  • Q4 revenue forecast: $262 million to $265 million

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GE’s $100 Billion Wipeout Heralds Reckoning for an American Icon

Few under the age of 30 might remember, but General Electric Co. was once a model of corporate greatness.

Back in 1999, when Steve Jobs was still fiddling with iMacs, Fortune magazine proclaimed Jack Welch, then GE’s chief executive officer, the best manager of the 20th Century.

Few people — of whatever age — would lavish such praise on the manufacturer these days.

GE, that paragon of modern management, has fallen so far that it’s scarcely recognizable. The old GE is dead, undone by an unfortunate mix of missteps and bad luck. The new one now confronts some of the most daunting challenges in the company’s 125-year history.

The numbers tell the story: This year alone, roughly $100 billion has been wiped off GE’s stock market value. With mounting cash-flow problems at the once-mighty company, even the dividend is at risk of being cut. The last time GE chopped the payout was in the Great Recession — and before that, the Great Depression.

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And yet the hit to the collective psyche of generations of investors and managers is incalculable. For decades, GE-think infiltrated boardrooms around the world. Six Sigma quality control, strict performance metrics, management boot camps — all that and more informed the MBAs of the 1970s, ’80s, ’90s and into this century. GE, in turn, seeded corporate America with its executives.

Anxious Investors

Now, John Flannery, GE’s new CEO, is struggling to win back the trust of anxious investors. He’s set to detail his turnaround plans on Monday — and has said he’ll consider every option.

“There’s nothing less than the fate of a once great, great company on the line,” said Thomas O’Boyle, the author of “At Any Cost: Jack Welch, General Electric, and the Pursuit of Profit.” “Some of the fundamental notions about its status as a conglomerate and whether it can succeed in a world of increasing complexity are really being challenged right now.”

In hindsight, the seeds of this struggle were planted decades ago. Welch expanded and reshaped GE with hundreds of acquisitions and demanded every GE unit be No. 1 or No. 2 in its industry. He also culled low-performers ruthlessly, earning the nickname Neutron Jack. By the time he retired, in 2001, GE’s market value had soared from less than $20 billion to almost $400 billion.

But all that maneuvering, plus GE’s increasingly complex financial operations, obscured the underlying performance and put the company in peril during the 2008 financial crisis. Welch’s successor, Jeffrey Immelt, soon embarked on a plan to undo much of the House that Jack Built. He would sell NBC and most of the finance operations — two of the businesses that defined Welch’s tenure — along with units such as plastics and home-appliances.

The moves narrowed GE’s focus, yet it remains a collection of somewhat disparate manufacturing businesses, ranging from jet engines to oilfield equipment.

Out of Favor

Unfortunately for GE, that industrial conglomerate model has fallen sharply out of favor on Wall Street. And the rise of activist investors like Nelson Peltz has encouraged companies to try to boost their stock prices however they can, rather than focus on the long term. GE recently welcomed one of Peltz’s partners at Trian Fund Management to the board.

“The reckoning had to come,” said Jack De Gan, chief investment officer of Harbor Advisory, which has been a GE shareholder for more than 20 years before selling most of the shares in the past few weeks.

GE’s leaders have long defended the multi-business strategy by pointing to the benefits of sharing technology across product lines — jet engines, for instance, have a lot in common with gas turbines. In an interview with Bloomberg in June, Flannery dismissed concerns about conglomerates, saying investors care more about outcomes.

“They want growth, they want visibility, they want predictability, they want margin rate,” Flannery said. “And there are a multitude of models to produce that.”

$20 Billion

The new CEO has already said he’ll divest at least $20 billion of assets. He’s coming under pressure to do even more.

“Anything less than a sweeping plan to ‘de-conglomerate’ the portfolio would be viewed as disappointing,” Deane Dray, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets, said this week in a note to clients. The potential moves include unloading its transportation, oil, health-care and lighting operations.

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To be sure, GE’s issues run deeper than the composition of the company. One of its biggest divisions, power-generation, is in the early stages of a deep market slump — just two years after bulking up with the $10 billion acquisition of Alstom SA’s energy business. GE’s cash flow is light, potentially putting the dividend in jeopardy and driving investors away from the stock.

Flannery has spoken of the need to change GE’s culture and instill a sense of accountability. He’s reined in excessive spending — on corporate cars and planes, on the new Boston headquarters — and replaced top executives.

But the sudden changes, combined with Flannery’s relative lack of public reassurances, have spooked investors. In the days after Flannery’s first quarterly earnings as CEO, when he called GE’s performance “completely unacceptable,” the stock fell and fell. And fell some more, closing at the lowest level in five years on Nov. 2.

The shares slid less than 1 percent to $19.99 on Thursday, bringing the 2017 loss to 37 percent.

“You think about a company like Kodak. Will GE become that?” said Vijay Govindarajan, a professor at Dartmouth University’s Tuck School of Business who served as GE’s professor-in-residence in 2008 and 2009.

Some investors may be throwing in the towel, but Govindarajan isn’t giving up. “I will put my bet that GE will weather this and come back,” he said.

    Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-10/ge-s-100-billion-wipeout-heralds-reckoning-for-an-american-icon

    Doctors Remove Woman’s Womb To Perform Pioneering Surgery On Fetus Outside The Body

    Inside this glowing red orb, surrounded by the sterile blue light of the operation theatre, an unborn child is undergoing life-changing surgery.

    The stunning photograph by Béatrice de Géa shows a pioneering operation used to reverse a birth defect while the fetus is still in the mother’s womb. The 24-week-old fetus has spina bifida, a group of conditions where a baby’s spine and spinal cord don’t develop properly in the womb. Scientists are not totally certain what causes this condition, although it usually begins in the very early stages of pregnancy, eventually leaving the child with damage to their nerves, issues with bladder control, highly impaired walking, and a high chance of infection.

    Time is of the essence when it comes to this surgery – typically, doctors repair the spine within 48 hours of birth. However, only 20 percent of patients who undergo this procedure can walk independently. While doctors have been trying to master fetal surgery for spina bifida for some years, the conventional technique is still not flawless.

    Doctors from Baylor College of Medicine and the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston are now fine-tuning an experimental method of fetal operation to reverse the damage caused by this condition by operating on the fetus while still inside the uterus, but the uterus is outside the body, as reported from the operation room by the New York Times.

    “Fetal surgery is one of the few operations with a 200 percent risk of mortality,” assisting surgeon Dr Oluyinka Olutoye told the New York Times in a second article. 

    A seen in the photograph above, pediatric neurosurgeons Dr William Whitehead and Dr Michael A Belfort led the complex 3-hour surgery on Lexi Royer, 28, and her unborn son.

    “Closure of the spinal defect before birth reduces the risk of hydrocephalus and may improve motor function in select patients,” Dr Robert Bollo, a pediatric neurosurgeon at Texas Children’s Hospital and assistant professor of neurosurgery at Baylor College of Medicine said in a statement from 2012. “Fetal surgery is an exciting new tool in our multidisciplinary commitment to the life-long care of patients with spina bifida.”

    After the uterus was lifted out of her body, they inserted a miniature telescope, camera, and grasping tool into the womb, allowing doctors to see the tiny fetus. They also inserted a bright light, hence that deep red glow of the woman’s womb. Doctors drained the womb of its amniotic fluid and then inflated it with carbon dioxide to give them room to operate. Using the live video feed from the camera, they carefully “mended” the backbone and spinal cord of the 0.9-kilograms (2-pound) fetus.

    After three hours passed, this revolutionary fetal operation appeared to be a success. However, they will only definitively know after the child is born.

    All being well, the baby boy will be born on 14 January, next year.


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    This Wisconsin GOP rep thinks women shouldn’t be able to get abortions in order to grow labor force

    Listen up, ladies: please, for the greater good of the U.S. economy, choose against having an abortion to instead birth your little bundle of joy into this wonderful, capitalistic world. At least, that’s how Wisconsin Republican Rep. Scott Allen sees your pregnancy—a means to mass production.

    On Thursday, the Wisconsin state Assembly approved a bill that would block most abortions from being covered by state health insurance, except in instances of rape, incest, or if the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life.

    Democrats were unable to pass two bill amendments that would have clarified that the bill didn’t block the coverage of contraception and would have cut the mandate that the rape or incest victim has to report the crimes to law enforcement. But Allen thought the bill didn’t go far enough.

    However, it was during his argument when Allen fell off the rails—he asserted that Democrats were “ironically” getting in the way of economic growth because they allowed women to forgo bolstering the labor force when they elect to have an abortion, instead of going through with the abortion and giving birth to another mean, labor-producing machine.

    OK, Allen didn’t say it in those words, but despite his analytical language his message was loud and clear.

    “Labor force shortages are tied to population declines. Labor force shortages are a limiting factor in economic growth, and limited economic growth poses a problem when government tries to pay for public services and infrastructure,” Allen said. “In spite of this Mr. Speaker, ironically, the Democrats continue their effort to support the abortion industry.”

    Because women are choosing to have abortions—or, because Democrats were allowing women to choose to have abortions—Allen argued the labor force has declined as a result. Therefore, funding abortion with health insurance plans for state employees was in the worst interest of the government.

    Abortion arguments aside, Allen’s objectification of women as labor-producers is nothing short of disgraceful. His push for “America first” effectively dehumanizes women as people and argues that the government should, as literally as possible, be in charge of a woman’s right to have an abortion for the benefits her pregnancy will bring the economy. To Allen, women are not humans capable of independent thought, nor even laborers of their own—just laborer-producing machines.

    Watch his full bid for the government to control a woman’s reproductive rights below:

    H/T ThinkProgress

    Read more: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/wisconsin-scott-lloyd-abortion-argument/

    Here Are Your Weekly Horoscopes For October 30th-November 5th

    Is it cold in here or is it just your heart? Saturn enters its own sign this week and Saturn is totes like, THE winter sign. It might be a great week to stock up on fuckboys mood lighting and fuzzy blankets. I mean, also, we are entering cuffing season, so don’t be shocked if your thirst is at an all time high this week. Oh, also, it’s a full moon at the end of the week so be prepared for that to fuck up some shit.


    This is the week where you need to confront shared expenses. Ew. It’s the first of the month so maybe this just means reminding your roommates to pay rent, or, maybe this is serving as your reminder to pull your own damn weight and pay rent yourself. The full moon at the end of the week falls in your money house while Mars is opposite your sign. Mars can promote arguments, so go with the flow and pay up where you owe money. If you need to ask someone else to quit being fucking cheap and pay their share, maybe wait until next week so they’ll be more likely to be understanding.


    The full moon at the end of the week is the only full moon to take place in your sign all year! As per usual, the full moon means you might have some bumpy roads ahead when it comes to your relationships. You really need to take a fucking chill pill as the weekend approaches, because the problem actually isn’t with other people right now—news flash, the problem is you. You’re just a little bit more easily annoyed than usual. That’s totally fine. Just veg out with Xans/wine until your annoyance passes.


    In typical Gemini fashion, you’ve got two different forces at play in your life this week. One is all about that party life. Half of you is sociable, extroverted and ready to keep the Halloweekend party rolling all week. The other influence at play makes you want to work hard and get shit done. This is such the stereotypical “work hard/play hard” week for you. The full moon might create some difficulties with your health, though, so stock up on that Emergen-C for after you indulged your “play hard” side.


    The things you love most—parties, friends, romance, sex, etc—will cause you the most stress this week. Fuck that shit, right? So, yeah, you’ll get to enjoy all the best things about your life, but the full moon at the end of the week also makes sure those things come with strings attached. Don’t worry too much about that tension, though; it should totally dissipate by next Sunday/Monday. In fact, since shit won’t end up being a big deal to you, try to be somewhat accommodating to the other signs because the full moon is impacting them in bigger ways. Ugh, you are just such a good friend.


    When most signs are fucked up because of the full moon, the lucky Leo betch actually gets a boost from Venus and Mars. The planets promote your ability to communicate effectively. Like, you’re normally the “take charge” sign, but, as most other signs will be slacking this week, you’ll really have to step up to your leadership role. Seriously, no one is doing this full moon better than you are right now.


    Shit continues to be fast-paced for you this week. Like, what’s new, right? There are parties to attend, errands to run and general fun to be had. You have a strong need to communicate with others and express yourself this week. Of course, the things you want most are the things that get fucked up most by the full moon. Expect some flubs when it comes to your travel plans and communication. Wires get crossed. Shit happens. You’ll pull out of it by Sunday.


    The full moon on Friday will make you stress about your finances. Wait, is pay day this week or next week? Shit. You might even have some disputes when it comes to where you make money or how you spend it. Fortunately, most of this shit really clears up and resolves itself by next Sunday. Also, Mars makes your sign feisty this week. Which might be a good thing in the bedroom, but won’t serve you well in the boardroom. Keep a lid on the attitude at work.


    YAS QUEEN! This is your motherfuckin’ time! You are empowered as shit, because the Sun is in your sign along with Mercury and Jupiter. Sort of unfortunately, the full moon at the end of the week is the only one opposite your sign all year. You’ll most likely be stressed about something going on in your relationships with significant others and your best friends. This week’s stress will be gone by the start of next week, so you can go back to fully enjoying your best time of the year.


    Some signs take a direct hit from the full moon. In your sign, though, the full moon impacts you in more sneaky, sinister ways. WTF? You’ll probably have that shitty feeling that you’re forgetting something or something just isn’t quite right. You might be slightly more forgetful this week, so just like, double-check that you turned off your straightening iron when you leave the house for work. That weird agitation caused by the full moon will disappear by the start of next week. Whew!


    You’re kind of, like, the social queen of everything this week. Good for you, Capricorn betch. Your audience might be a little younger than you. Yes, you do have so much to teach and share with them about what makes for the best chaser and how to cure a hangover. Since the other signs are going all crazy with the full moon, they’ll probably want to vent and bitch to you about other people. Don’t get in trouble by playing the middle man or stirring the pot, you little pot-stirrer, you. Try to keep the peace until everyone’s mood gets better by Sunday.


    The Sun is still pretty fucking high in your chart so people are keeping their eyes on you. Don’t worry—it’s in a good way. Still, you’ll feel pulled between daily demands of work/school and the fun shit you want to do. You might have to turn down an awesome invite this week so you can like, IDK, keep your job or not fail out of college or something. That totally sucks, but you should probs remember that you can’t keep everyone happy.


    The full moon is making you clumsy AF. Maybe just pack an extra shirt with you to work when you inevitably spill your coffee or crack an ink pen all over yourself. Also, you’re more likely to be distracted when it comes to transportation, so here’s your friendly reminder to put your goddamned phone down when you’re driving. Like, do you want to be a PSA? I didn’t think so. Be careful when it comes to slips of the tongue, too. You’re more likely to mouth off in the week ahead and get in trouble for it. Good news: Things get a lot better for you after Friday and you’re in the clear by Sunday!

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