People are in love with the ‘ICU Grandpa’ who cuddles babies at an Atlanta hospital.

On a recent morning, a woman walked into the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and saw a stranger holding her baby.

The stranger was an older, bespectacled man. He was sitting in a chair and draped in a thin medical smock, gently rocking her infant son, Logan.

Logan had been in the NICU for six weeks after being born prematurely and needed around-the-clock care. His mom was there to hold him as often as she could be, but as she was making her way to the hospital that morning, the man, David Deutchman, was happy to step in.

They call him the “ICU Grandpa.” And he’s been offering snuggles as an official volunteer at the hospital for 12 years.

In a now super-viral Facebook post, the hospital wrote that Deutchman has a very specific cuddling schedule: on Tuesdays he visits the older babies and kids in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit), and on Thursdays he visits with the newborns in the NICU.

Logan’s mom isn’t the only one who’s met the hospital “legend” — the social media post, which has been shared over 47,000 times, is overflowing with comments from parents who’ve been touched by his kindness and generosity.

You can read the entire thing below:

They call him the ICU Grandpa. On Tuesdays, he visits the PICU to hold babies whose parents can’t be with them that day….

Posted by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

For young kids, and newborns especially, human contact and warmth is an essential part of survival.

It’s been scientifically demonstrated that newborns with access to food and shelter but no love or bonding, are unlikely to thrive. For this reason, volunteer cuddlers are common at hospitals around the country.

We won’t hold it against you if Deutchman isn’t immediately what came to mind when you heard “volunteer cuddler.” He says his guy friends don’t really get it either.

“I tell them, ‘I hold babies. Sometimes I get puked on, I get peed on. It’s great,'” he says in a video put together by Children’s Healthcare. But he says that “they just don’t get it, the kind of reward you can get from holding a baby like this.”

That’s the kind of attitude that’s made Deutchman an overnight Internet sensation.

Rock on, ICU Grandpa. Rock on.

The ICU Grandpa of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

By now, you’ve probably heard about our ICU Grandpa. Here’s a look at the hospital legend doing what he does best.

Posted by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on Friday, September 29, 2017

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Patients to be questioned about sexuality

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption NHS England advises sexuality is recorded during “face to face contact” with patients

Health professionals in England are to be told to ask patients aged 16 or over about their sexual orientation, under new NHS guidelines.

NHS England said no-one would be forced to answer the question but recording the data would ensure that “no patient is discriminated against”.

The guidance applies to doctors and nurses, as well as local councils responsible for adult social care.

A spokeswoman said: “It will have no impact on the care [people] receive.”

She added: “All health bodies and local authorities with responsibility for adult social care are required under the Equality Act to ensure that no patient is discriminated against.”

She said the information would help NHS bodies comply with equality legislation by “consistently collecting, only where relevant, personal details of patients such as race, sex and sexual orientation.”

‘Intrusive and offensive’

NHS England recommends health professionals – such as GPs and nurses – ask about a person’s sexual orientation at “every face to face contact with the patient, where no record of this data already exists”.

But the Family Doctor Association said it was “potentially intrusive and offensive” for GPs to monitor people’s sexuality.

Chairman Dr Peter Swinyard told the BBC that for older patients in particular, sexuality “doesn’t affect health outcomes or care”.

He said that GPs tend to know patients’ sexuality, or would ask, if it was relevant to their medical condition.

For example, patients at a sexual health clinic are likely to be asked, but not those attending a wart clinic.

He added: “Given the precious short amount of time a GP has with a patient, sexuality is not relevant.”

He said there were “relatively few medical conditions” that it affected.

Legal obligation

NHS England said the data was already being collected in many areas but that the new guidance makes it standard, and that it expects sexual orientation monitoring to be in place across England by April 2019.

Under the guidance, health professionals are to ask patients: “Which of the following options best describes how you think of yourself?”.

The options include heterosexual or straight, gay or lesbian, bisexual, other sexual orientation, not sure, not stated and not known.

NHS England said lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people were “disproportionately affected” by health inequalities such as poor mental health and a higher risk of self-harm and suicide.

It said public bodies had a legal obligation to pay regard to the needs of LGB people under the Equality Act 2010.

“Collecting and analysing data on sexual orientation allows public sector bodies to better understand, respond to and improve LGB patients’ service access,” the guidance states.

‘Hugely important step’

Paul Martin, chief executive of Manchester’s LGBT Foundation, which worked with NHS England and others to develop sexual orientation monitoring, said he was “so proud” of the new standard.

He said earlier this week: “If we’re not counted, we don’t count.”

The launch of sexual orientation monitoring was a “hugely important step in the right direction” towards addressing LGB inequality in health and social care, he said.

However, the foundation’s good practice guide for healthcare professionals concedes that “some people will feel uncomfortable asking or being asked” about their sexuality.

It warns: “It would not be appropriate to ask someone’s sexual orientation out loud in a busy reception area.”

If a patient does not want to disclose their sexuality, “not stated” would be recorded as their response.

The guidance also says patients who are not able to declare their sexual orientation, for example if they require specialist mental capacity care, would be recorded as “not known”.

Former Conservative education secretary Nicky Morgan said that “what looks good on paper… actually when translated into real life becomes very intrusive”.

She told ITV’s Peston on Sunday: “Could it be appropriate in some circumstances about some conditions or problems that people come to see their doctors about?

“But clearly (for) the majority you wonder why on earth they need to know.”

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Trump Officials Dispute the Benefits of Birth Control to Justify Rules

When the Trump administration elected to stop requiring many employers to offer birth-control coverage in their health plans, it devoted nine of its new rule’s 163 pages to questioning the links between contraception and preventing unplanned pregnancies.

In the rule released Friday, officials attacked a 2011 report that recommended mandatory birth-control coverage to help women avoid unintended pregnancies. That report, requested by the Department of Health and Human Services, was done by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine — then the Institute of Medicine — an expert group that serves as the nation’s scientific adviser.

“The rates of, and reasons for, unintended pregnancy are notoriously difficult to measure,” according to the Trump administration’s interim final rule. “In particular, association and causality can be hard to disentangle.”

Multiple studies have found that access or use of contraception reduced unintended pregnancies. 

Claims in the report that link increased contraceptive use by unmarried women and teens to decreases in unintended pregnancies “rely on association rather than causation,” according to the rule. The rule references another study that found increased access to contraception decreased teen pregnancies short-term but led to an increase in the long run.

“We know that safe contraception — and contraception is incredibly safe — leads to a reduction in pregnancies,” said Michele Bratcher Goodwin, director of the Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy at the University of California, Irvine, School of Law. “This has been data that we’ve had for decades.”

Riskier Behavior

The rules were released as part of a broader package of protections for religious freedom that the administration announced Friday.

The government also said imposing a coverage mandate could “affect risky sexual behavior in a negative way” though it didn’t point to any particular studies to support its point. A 2014 study by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found providing no-cost contraception did not lead to riskier sexual behavior.

The rule asserts that positive health effects associated with birth control “might also be partially offset by an association with negative health effects.” The rule connects the claim of negative health effects to a call by the National Institutes of Health in 2013 for the development of new contraceptives that stated current options can have “many undesirable side effects.” 

The rule also describes an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality review that found oral contraceptives increased users’ risk of breast cancer and vascular events, making the drugs’ use in preventing ovarian cancer uncertain.

Federal officials used all of these assertions to determine the government “need not take a position on these empirical questions.”

“Our review is sufficient to lead us to conclude that significantly more uncertainty and ambiguity exists in the record than the Departments previously acknowledged.”

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    This is How Much The Friends Apartments Would Cost Today

    Everything I’ve learned in life, I learned from . No, not my core group of Comm-majoring-drunk on-a-Wednesday-afternoon-losers—I’m talking about the six greatest people you will ever meet on the single greatest sitcom you will ever see (except for Ross and don’t @ me on that). Like, I’d never survive my 20s had I not learned that counting Mississippily when spray tanning results in borderline blackface, “meat sweats” are a legit medical condition, and being “on a break” apparently doesn’t mean I have a free pass at drunk-dialing my ex.

    But out of everything, this is hands down the most valuable piece of info I’ve learned:

    JK, that one I actually did learn from my own friends’ mistakes. But something I was forced to learn the hard way was that spending weekday afternoons in a coffeehouse bitching to my friends about being ghosted doesn’t result in me coming home to my comfy downtown loft with takeout (the ‘90s term for Seamless) every night. Not that shacking it in a studio apartment with three other people plotting ways to divvy up the remaining $12.35 balance on my debit card isn’t my definition of fun, but it’d be cool if someone gave me a heads up that life was gonna be this way, ya know? Anyway, I know your job’s a joke, you’re probably broke, and your love life… wellppp… but the friends would’ve been much worse off had their apartments been IRL-priced, so grab a bottle and chill the fuck out.

    Joey & Chandler’s (& Rachel’s) Apartment

    Address: 90 Bedford St., #19 New York NY
    Rent: $4,200/month

    I won’t discredit the size of Joey and Chandler’s apartment located across the hall from Monica’s, but I will discredit Joey’s acting career, which was comparable to gas station sushi. After being killed off early on, he went flat broke (as do most acting wannabes). Luckily, Joey had Chandler to save him from being a full-time dumpster diver, but Chandler was forced to provide for Joey and two farm animals on a transponster whatever-the-fuck-he-does’s salary for at least five seasons, which makes no sense.

    A 2-bed/1-bath apartment in West Village that’s big enough to fit a foosball table and two Barcaloungers isn’t as shocking as the $4,200/month rent Chandler put down, which is like $2,850/month 18 years ago (yes, you’re old af), and that’s on the lower end of the spectrum, assuming the place hadn’t yet been tampered with during a game of “Hammer Darts” or “Extreme Fireball.” That rent also doesn’t include the utility bills and other shit Chandler had to pay for, like Joey’s health insurance and will to live, but honestly thank god for Joey, or Chan would prob still be half a virgin by now.

    Ross’ (& Rachel’s) Apartment

    Address: Somewhere across the street from Monica’s place
    Rent: $4,500/month

    If it wasn’t for Ross pulling the No. 1 fuckboy move and mixing up his hoes in different area codes almost marrying that British bitch with a scone up her ass, he’d still be living in a typical NYC shithole. Instead, he found an apartment with a bird’s-eye view of his sister’s and best friend’s sexcapades every night (EW). But out of every character’s living situation, the only believable one just so happens to be Ross’s, thanks to his career as a doctor paleontologist/college professor who sometimes fucks his students.

    A 2-bed/1-bath, 700-square-foot apartment in the same West Village neighborhood as Monica averages to about $4,500/month, which would’ve been about $3,054/month back in ‘99. And considering Ross threw a bitch fit (when tf did he not?) about his fucking apothecary table that one time, I’d assume his bougie dino cave was equipped with an updated interior and (prob) fossilized foliage preserved in the wood flooring or some shit. Therefore, it’d likely be at the more expensive end of this rent spectrum.

    Monica’s (& Rachel’s & Chandler’s & Phoebe’s) Apartment

    Address: 90 Bedford St., #20 New York NY
    Rent: $8,500+/month

    Monica illegally subletting her grandma’s old apartment for 10+ years is the kind of savagery I strive to reach one day. But you seriously have to be a verified idiot to think that a ‘50s diner cook with flame-retardant boobs and a barista with waitressing skills as abominable as Blake Lively’s acting career would live comfortably in a 1,500-square-foot apartment, and not to mention while also feeding four other mooch-y parasite friends who apparently enter and eat and leave as they please.

    She and Rachel were only paying $300/month living in their 2-bed/1-bath open floor plan apartment with a balcony that’s been rent controlled since apparently 600 B.C. Yeah, I said $300, like one pair of Khloé’s stupidly priced denim line, or a weekend bar tab. I already mentioned that 700(ish)-square-foot apartments in West Village average $4,200/month, so just double the rent for double the floor plan and maybe pop a Xanny immediately after.

    Phoebe’s (& Rachel’s) Apartment

    Address: 5 Morton St. # 14, New York, NY
    Actual Rent: $3,400/month

    First off, I’m calling bullshit on Phoebe and this whole freelance masseuse thing which, looking back, was def a fancy term for the upscale West Village prostitute, Regina Phalange. You heard it here first. This brings me to my next issue. Phoebe might’ve also inherited her 1-bed/1-bath apartment from her grandma, but I’d rather believe the blatant lie that is Trump’s latest tweet than believe that a freelance masseuse, who literally cancelled on and fucked over 90% of her clients every episode, made a comfortable living in Manhattan.

    Her decent-sized 1-bed/1-bath pad, which was later turned into a 2-bed when Denise lived with her (K WHO TF WAS DENISE?!), was located four blocks from the rest of the friends’ apartments with an average monthly rent of $3,400 ($2,300 in the ‘90s), but there’s still no fucking way she’d be able to make rent while also doing this thing called LIVING. And do NOT even think about bringing the loose pocket change and occasional condom tips from Phoebe’s open mic days into this equation. #ItsNotSmellyCatsFault

    Phoebe’s Rundown Buick LeSabre

    Address: Probably some alleyway in Hunts Point
    Rent: Stolen

    Ok, so we never really saw Phoebe’s life pre-friends (or we did if you count watching ), but we do know that she lived a fucking badass/hard-knock life by living in a rundown Buick LeSabre on the streets of New York growing up. I mean, she mugged prepubescent goober Ross who collected rocks instead of Hot Wheels, and that in and of itself is iconic.

    Based on the cost of gas to keep her car warm in the winter, the medical costs from getting Hepatitis after a pimp spit in her mouth, the shared funeral costs for her mom who killed herself, and the priceless cost of living to tell it all, Phoebe is a fucking legend and a probable alien, but mostly a complete mystery that I will dedicate the rest of my life to cracking the case on.

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    Want to live happy? Choose a spa town

    Image copyright Getty Images

    The Warwickshire town of Royal Leamington Spa has been ranked the happiest place to live in Britain, in a survey which saw several spa towns make the list.

    Harrogate, Royal Tunbridge Wells and Epsom also featured in the top 10 “happy at home” index compiled by property website, Rightmove.

    Meanwhile Llandrindod Wells was deemed the happiest place to live in Wales.

    Spa towns have natural springs with waters thought to have health benefits.

    Image copyright Getty Images
    Image caption The Romans knew how to live happy as they took the waters in Bath

    There are spa towns all across England and Wales – including Cheltenham and Bath which came in 29th and 38th place in terms of happiness rating.

    Dumfries was identified as the happiest place to live in Scotland.

    More than 17,000 people were asked how happy they are with aspects of where they live.

    Community spirit, feeling safe, the friendliness of locals, the amenities and local services available and earning enough to live comfortably were all taken into account.

    Image copyright Getty Images
    Image caption The Pittville Pump Room was the largest spa building built in Cheltenham

    Rightmove said Royal Leamington Spa scored highly for friendly neighbours and a strong sense of belonging.

    But happiness comes with a price, with the average asking price of a home in Leamington Spa at £330,848, compared with a national average of £310,003, according to Rightmove.

    The town’s mayor, Caroline Evetts, said Royal Leamington Spa “has it all” – from Regency buildings, to independent boutiques.

    Last year’s winner, Leigh-On-Sea, Essex, took the runner-up spot in this year’s survey.

    The top 10 happiest places to live in Britain:

    Image copyright Getty Images
    Image caption The spa town of Harrogate consistently comes out as one of the happiest places to live
    1. Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
    2. Leigh-on-Sea, Essex
    3. Wirral, Merseyside and Cheshire
    4. Harrogate, North Yorkshire
    5. Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent
    6. King’s Lynn, Norfolk
    7. Epsom, Surrey
    8. Richmond upon Thames, London
    9. Poole, Dorset
    10. Chichester, West Sussex

    Source: Rightmove

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    6 World-Famous Landmarks You Can Secretly Live Inside

    Whether it was a theme park, a museum, or even that place that did the amazing barbecue ribs, we’ve all visited somewhere we wished we could stay in forever. Good news! You (or at least the richest person you’ve ever smelled) can totally live in some of the most famous buildings in the entire world. Hidden inside many iconic locations are secret apartments formerly used by tireless custodians, overworked managers, or just rich guys who needed a quiet place to cheat on their wives. And for the right price, you could call these eccentric dwellings home. Like …


    Walt Disney And His Family Lived In A Secret Disneyland Apartment

    You might think one of the coolest places to sleep in Disneyland must be in the castle, or on the ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, or inside one of those oversized Goofy costumes. But there’s a little-known dwelling right inside the entrance to the park in California that wasn’t just fit for a princess, but for the king himself.

    During the construction of Disneyland, Walt Disney figured that all that commuting between the studio, the park, and his mansion was too much of a hassle. So in order to remain onsite for as long as he wanted, he had a small apartment built atop one of the first Disneyland buildings: the firehouse at the entrance. It’s hard to imagine rich and famous Disney living like a college kid in that small studio apartment, but unlike most college kids, Disney had the best interior decorators in the world working for him. He asked Academy-Award-winning set designer Emile Kuri to create his and his wife’s ideal home … which looks like Santa’s parlor:

    Built in the Victorian style of their youth, this little apartment was a way for the Disneys to go back to simpler times, before all that silly castle-building started. But there was at least one cool thing in the apartment: a fireman’s pole which Walt and the kids could slide down into the firehouse. But the fun was ruined when one fan climbed up Walt’s pole while his family was there to see it. His hole was covered up and never spoken of again.

    Those last sentences were really too suggestive to be associated with anything Disney.

    Like anything related to Disney, you can still have a look if you pay for a tour. And who wouldn’t shell out a few bucks to witness firsthand the place where Walt Disney took a dump?


    The Houston Astrodome Once Featured A Bona Fide Palace

    When the Houston Astrodome, the first-ever domed football stadium, opened in 1965, it looked like it had crashed down from outer space. People were in awe of the dome, the air conditioning, and especially the AstroTurf. But little did they know that the most impressive part of “the Eighth Wonder of the World” was the kitschiest of ’60s apartments known to man.

    Richard Pipes/Houston Chronicle
    We think that’s the presidential seal on the floor, and only the sexiest bachelor pads have those.

    When crazy (rich) Texas judge Roy Hofheinz had the Astrodome built, he did what every seven-year-old would if they owned a space-age stadium: He lived in it. Hofheinz had an apartment spanning seven floors built inside the stadium itself, but that was only the start of his eccentricity. Besides the standard crazy rich people additions, like a bowling alley and a putting green, the business-minded Hofheinz also had a giant marble desk flanked by six-foot dragon statues and a conference room with red carpet on the floor and walls, zebra print chairs, and giant red chalices at each seat.

    Mark Kauffman/Life Magazine
    We’re lucky he didn’t include real live dragons and zebras.

    Then there was the slightly weirder stuff, like a psychedelic hair salon, a puppet theatre, and a bar called the Tipsy Tavern, where everything had been built at an uneven angle. It also had a medieval chapel and a shooting range with both animal and human targets (welcome to Texas, y’all). The dwelling housed both the judge and his extensive family, and was full of so much stuff that they didn’t leave the stadium for weeks on end. Hofheinz himself was often seen shredding the Astroturf on a golf cart wearing nothing but a bathrobe. After all, it was technically his backyard.

    Mark Kauffman/Life Magazine
    He’d shoot at stray Astros, yelling, “Get off my lawn!”

    Unfortunately, you can’t see it today, because the Hofheinz manor was torn down a few years after the judge’s death in 1982. Not that you’d want to live in that adult Willy Wonka apartment, as the Astrodome now is a walking health violation.


    The Coolest Bachelor Pad In The World Is Inside Radio City Music Hall

    Today, Radio City Musical Hall in New York is best known for hosting the Rockettes and having the highest tourist in socks and sandals ratio in the entire city. But back in the 1930s, it was the coolest place to be. Well, the coolest place to be was somewhere inside Radio City. And the guy responsible for filling all those seats got to live here:

    The carpet still smells of whiskey and bad investments.

    Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel was the venue’s first impresario, responsible for classing the stage up with the greatest talents in the world. His cool and glamorous style was famous throughout the city, so in order to keep Roxy firmly tucked in their pocket, the owners of Radio City Music Hall built him his own amazing art deco apartment above the theatre. It was as opulent as one of his over-the-top shows, replete with gold leaf and floor-to-ceiling curtains. It oozed class, and Roxy didn’t let it go to waste. He hosted parties for the likes of Olivia de Havilland, Samuel Goldwyn, Alfred Hitchcock, and enough young ladies that the pad could have been listed as a European hostel.

    57 different Rockettes were conceived here.

    Unfortunately, it was only used for four years, until Rothafel died in 1936 from having too good a time. Out of respect, the venue kept the apartment pristine, and today you can rent the “Roxy Suite” for a bit of ’30s class.


    You Can Stay In The Clock Tower That Harry Potter Flew Over

    There are so many magical landmarks dotted throughout London, but unless you’re secretly the 12th Earl of Fancypantsington (pronounced “Flint”), there’s not a chance in the world you’ll ever get to spend the night in one of them. But what if we told you you could stay inside the most famous clock tower in all of the world? Alright, the second most famous clock tower in England: the one atop St. Pancras Station.

    Y’all have heard of St. Pancras Station, right? Right?!

    St. Pancras Station is one of the most recognizable train stations in the world, and not just If you are a Harry Potter fan wondering why it looks like the place where Platform 9 3/4 ought to be.

    Also pictured: the largest, most modern car currently available in London.

    And if you want to be a part of it you can stay in a fabulous apartment located in that clock tower, because it’s an Airbnb.

    So you can also refuse to leave and live here permanently.

    Sharing many of the station’s gorgeous 19th-century architecture, the St. Pancras suite has two bedrooms and a ceiling high enough that you could fly a broom around. Of course, there are a few downsides. While it is only a short five-second walk to the nearest train station, that does also mean you’ll be hearing trains all day and night. You’ll also have to shell out a steep 150 pounds per night, but that might be worth it for the chance to say you stayed in an apartment worth 5 million pounds, with amazing views of London. Just watch out for flying cars driven by gingers.


    There’s An Entire Apartment Block Crammed Into An Australian Bridge

    To us boring squares, living under a bridge might seem like something only for hobos and the non-attractive fantasy monsters of yore. But in the crazy upside-down world that is Australia, people don’t need to live under a bridge — they can live in it.

    Of course, from our point of view, they’re still on top of the bridge.

    Walter Taylor Bridge, Australia’s longest suspension bridge, houses several apartments in the pylons. And if you think that sounds like its current residents are living in tiny Hobbit holes, know that they are surprisingly large. One room is so big that it’s known as the “Ball Room,” and some awesome parties have been thrown there.

    Originally, the apartments were built for the bridge’s toll workers, which must have done wonders for their commute. Since then, other renters have taken over, mostly students and people with a fetish to hear cars race underneath their floors 24/7.

    But now, one adventurous company is pushing for renovations that would make the bridge even cooler, including hotel accommodation and cafes, as well as rooms for functions, along with places for canoes and picnics on the outside. You think hipsters are bad now, wait until they can tell you they know the best bridge to have lunch at.


    You Could Be A Live-In Bookworm In One Of The New York Libraries

    The New York Public Library is world-famous, and for good reason. Its 30 locations are like Mecca for book lovers. And once upon a time, one of the coolest jobs you could have was being a janitor in such a place. Not a librarian or a director — they had to go home for the night. But for the custodians, home was the library.

    Back in the day, books were kept warm and dry with coal furnaces. That meant it was someone’s job to shovel coal in said furnaces to keep the fire going nonstop. Because of that, libraries built special apartments above the main halls to house custodians, who devoted their lives to keeping the fire of knowledge. If your job description is indistinguishable from that of an ancient shaman, that’s pretty cool.

    What must have been even cooler was living in a beautiful library like St. Agnes in New York as a kid. That was the privilege of Sharon Washington, a daughter of custodian George King Washington. She spent her evenings reading in the closed library like it was her private book collection. She even got to have her birthday there.

    However, as more modern heating systems were installed, the number of live in-custodians started to dwindle. The apartments were abandoned or used as storage, and the handful that are left are all in a state of complete disrepair. Even worse, while most remaining apartments are planned to be renovated in order for the libraries to offer extra services, they’re simply too underfunded to make any progress. So these multi-bedroom apartments sit there empty, a complete waste of space in some amazing New York real estate that most people in Brooklyn would kill for — literally.

    You like bread? You like cats? Boom catbread. You’re welcome.

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    Trump’s New Obamacare Killer to Cost Uncle Sam $194 Billion

    President Donald Trump is halting some Obamacare subsidies. A big money saver for taxpayers, right? Wrong. The move could actually force the government to dole out almost $200 billion more on health insurance over the next decade.

    Here’s why: The insurer payouts Trump cut off aren’t the only government funds financing the program. Consumers also can get help with their insurance premiums. When the insurer subsidies are discontinued, those premiums are pushed higher — and because the consumer subsidies are far bigger than those given to insurers, that’s a costly trade.

    More than eight in ten individuals who buy Obamacare plans get help paying their premiums directly from the federal government. Those subsidies effectively cap how much people have to pay for insurance as a percentage of their income. 

    Even if premiums climb, people who receive those benefits won’t pay more out of their own pockets. The subsidies are available to people making as much as four times the federal poverty level, or just over $97,000 for a family of four.

    That means that those most likely to be hurt by the president’s action aren’t low-income people who will still get help with their costs. Instead, consumers who make too much money to qualify for subsidies will now have to pay a much higher price for their health plans.

    It all adds up to a hefty bill for taxpayers for as long as the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that ending the cost-sharing payments would increase the U.S. fiscal shortfall by $194 billion over the next decade as subsidy outlays jump.

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      Julia Louis-Dreyfus shares her breast cancer diagnosis with a heartfelt call to action.

      On Thursday, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus announced via Twitter that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

      Just 11 days after accepting her sixth straight Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, the “Veep” star shared her diagnosis with the world.

      “1 in 8 women get breast cancer. Today, I’m the one,” she wrote.

      “The good news is that I have the most glorious group of supportive and caring family and friends, and fantastic insurance through my union,” she added. “The bad news is that not all women are so lucky, so let’s fight all cancers and make universal health care a reality.”

      Each year, an estimated 231,840 U.S. women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and more than 40,000 will die. Early detection plays a huge role in reducing that number.

      Breast cancer accounts for the second-most cancer-related deaths in U.S. women behind only lung cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Regular screenings — self-checks and with a doctor — can aid in catching the cancer at its most treatable point, early on.

      In her call to action, Louis-Dreyfus sounds optimistic, urging her followers to keep fighting so that others have access to the same care she’ll be able to receive. While recent efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act have fallen flat, we are far from having “universal health care.” 11% of women ages 19 to 64 in the U.S. don’t have any form of health insurance. While that number has fallen since the ACA’s implementation, it still means that millions of women are unable to access preventive care.

      Thanks to a number of health centers around the country, such as Planned Parenthood, low-income and uninsured women aren’t left completely out in the cold. Unfortunately, these groups are frequently under attack from political opponents.

      Louis-Dreyfus’s decision to share her diagnosis with her fans serves as a reminder that any of us can be hit by illness at any time — making the fight for universal care that much more important.

      It’s never a bad time to call your members of Congress and let them know that you want to live in a world where everybody has access to the same care she has.

      We wish Louis-Dreyfus the absolute best of luck going forward.

      Louis-Dreyfus accepts the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series on Sept. 17, 2017. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

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      8 Powerful Women Who Have Opened Up About Their Struggles With PCOS

      Happy PCOS Awareness Month, everyone! While it’s always important to stay informed when it comes to your reproductive health, this month provides a special opportunity to learn a thing or two more about polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), the most common hormonal disorder there is, affecting about 10 million women in the world. If you’re personally coping with PCOS, always remember that you are not alone. In fact, even some major celebrities with PCOS have used their platform to speak out about their struggles (and triumphs!) with the disorder, and cultivate awareness in our society.

      To gain a little more background on what exactly PCOS is, Elite Daily spoke with Dr. Mark Perloe, director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists, who says while women with PCOS don’t always have actual cysts, the condition is most basically characterized by a series or string of cysts on the ovaries. He also mentions that PCOS is not a “one-size-fits-all” condition, and that it affects everyone differently.

      He tells Elite Daily,

      PCOS is a complicated metabolic disorder. There is an underlying genetic predisposition. Environment and lifestyle play a role in how it manifests.

      PCOS can also, unfortunately, be somewhat difficult to diagnose, because its wide variety of symptoms can be attributed to many different things. While what causes PCOS is not totally known, the variety of symptoms can include infertility, irregular periods, cystic acne, hair loss, unwanted hair growth, chronic fatigue, and insomnia.

      Dr. Perloe clarifies that women are typically diagnosed by having at least two of the following three symptoms: irregular or absent menstrual cycles, elevated levels of male hormones, and/or ovaries with cysts.

      But again, friends, if this is a condition you contend with, allow these well-known, strong ladies be a reminder that you can not only cope, but lead a fantastic, influential life, regardless of diagnosis.

      1. Jillian Michaels

      Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels has been outspoken and frank about coping with both PCOS and endometriosisand how struggles with infertility led her to adoption.

      She keeps the condition under control with exercise (duh), nutrition, and focusing on her well-being above all else.

      2. Harnaam Kaur

      Harnaam Kaur is a former teaching assistant turned model, activist, and and Guinness Book Record holder.

      Kaur sports a full beard as a result of living with PCOS. At age 16, Kaur was baptized Sikh, which meant a commitment to letting her hair grow out in accordance with religious beliefs. Proud and beautiful!

      3. Daisy Ridley

      Getty Images/J. Kempin

      The actress took to Instagram about her rollercoaster with treating the acne that has been a symptom of her PCOS. She spoke openly about the necessity and importance of keeping track of your health and taking care of your body no matter what:

      From your head to the tips of your toes, we only have one body, let us all make sure ours are working in tip-top condition, and take help if it’s needed.

      4. Victoria Beckham

      Beckham has talked openly about the effects PCOS and irregular periods have had on her fertility, as well as her ability to focus on maintaining a lifestyle that keeps her health and well-being in check and properly cared for.

      5. Diamond

      Diamond was featured on an episode of , a talk show about health and wellness, in which she bravely sharing her experience with constant facial hair growth and the relentless bullying she received as a result.

      She found out on the show that she had PCOS. Her story is truly an inspiration to women everywhere.

      6. Simone Ormesher

      Getty Images/Don Arnold

      Ormesher, a contestant on , recently opened up about her PCOS diagnosis and the importance of speaking out about health conditions.

      When it comes to looking out for her well-being, she explained in an Instagram post,

      In order to cope with my symptoms, I make sure I maintain a well-balanced life, I exercise regularly, and I eat lots of good wholesome foods and surround myself with supportive people.

      7. Jools Oliver

      Getty Images/Ian Gavan

      Children’s book author, wife of Jamie Oliver, and mother of five, Jools Oliver has been quite transparent about her struggles with miscarriage in relation to her PCOS diagnosis.

      After enduring multiple hormonal treatments for the condition and battling fertility issues as a result, Oliver is now content, raising a big, happy family.

      8. Emma Thompson

      The Oscar-winning British actress and humanitarian has been honest with the public not just about living with PCOS, but also about coping with clinical depression.

      Cheers to these beautiful women who continue to inspire us each and every day.

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      Oreo Hot Cocoa Has Arrived And It’ll Make You Forget All About The PSL

      Talk about jumping the gun. Fall hasn’t even arrived and customers have already maxed out their credit cards with morning Pumpkin Spice Latte orders. Now it appears September is the appropriate time to start thinking about the holidays. Foodies have spotted Oreo Hot Cocoa mix on shelves, and it’s putting them in a Christmas state of mind. If you’re feeling festive and wondering where to buy Oreo hot chocolate, I have you covered.

      But first, it’s time to get the necessities in order: a warm blanket, a sturdy mug, and of course, a lit fireplace. The hot cocoa experience is about to head to a whole new level thanks to this festive concoction. But there are a few things to know before adding marshmallows to your shopping list.

      For one, Oreo has yet to confirm the product release. However, foodies have caught a glimpse of the treat on the shelves at Walmart, according to Delish. Meanwhile, The Impulsive Buy predicted that the Oreo Hot Cocoa would arrive this year. Who could blame milk’s favorite cookie for taking on a whole new form and wowing us with its brilliance?

      If customers are already perusing the aisles at Walmart, they might as well take a look to see if they can score a box of this fantastic find. All that’s left to complete the experience is a cold winter’s night and a good book. 

      Oreo has been on quite a creative kick as of late. This summer was filled with out-of-the-ordinary flavors to mark various occasions. Take for example the limited-time Firework Oreo — the perfect way to get the Fourth of July festivities going thanks to the chocolate cookie wafer and a popping candy filling. Then, milk’s favorite cookie switched gears to back-to-school season with the release of its Peanut Butter and Jelly Oreos — an inventive flavor if ever there was one. Who could resist a few of those bad boys in their lunchbox?


      But perhaps the one that got the most buzz, quite literally, was the Dunkin Donuts Mocha Oreo. The dream team of sweets would make any chocolatier or coffee aficionado proud. No one could resist a hint of chocolate with a dash of coffee, and rightfully so. This isn’t the only time the two have collaborated. Dunkin Donuts released a Oreo Hot Chocolate last year, so perhaps the masterminds behind the glorious union started taking notes for the future.

      Customers are also the ones who should have been taking notes. Oreo held a contest earlier this year that promised half a million dollars to the genius who came up with the brand’s next big flavor. Obviously extensive research — and by extensive research, I mean snacking — was required for such an undertaking. Only the most creative and hungry bakers were up for the challenge… as well as those really hungry for some serious cash.


      Oh, the possibilities. Those who aren’t quite ready to part ways with fall just yet — considering it still hasn’t even begun — can enjoy the Pumpkin Spice Oreo. That’s right: First the Dunkin’ Donut treatment, and now Oreo has paid homage to the highly coveted Starbucks flavor. There’s no better way to ring in the season (or weeks before the season, apparently) than adding a little pumpkin to some snacks. Pumpkins do have their health benefits. Firstly, it helps people’s digestive tracks by keeping them fuller longer. It’s even believed to help improve eyesight  get things cookin’ (if you catch my drift).

      For those who have already put the marshmallows and whipped cream in their baskets in anticipation of the Oreo Hot Cocoa, be on the lookout for a confirmation from the company. No matter what season people are living in, milk’s favorite cookie is here to provide the goods.

      Check out the entire Gen Why series and other videos on Facebook and the Bustle app across Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

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