ICD 9 Coding — Coding Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease

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ICD 9 Coding — Coding Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease

That's Alicia's. I guess I'll bring that answer sheet up.

Alicia: Yeah. And you know what? You guys, I just took a class on this so it's very exciting. I just feel like my little spongy brain has absorbed all kinds of information and it was a lot of fun. I've struggled with this too.

So hypertension, abbreviated HTN if you guys didn't know that you know, what is hypertensive disease? And it's so broad that you know, you can't really define it per se. But the main thing about hypertension is you want to know is it essential or primary hypertension? Okay… and it's going to mean, is there no underlying condition that is causing the blood pressure to increase? Okay so what percentage do you think is essential or primary hypertension? In fact, 95% is essential and unless blood pressure readings are very high, efforts to control blood pressure are usually based on things that… you can just change in your lifestyle. You know, you can lose weight. You can exercise. You can you know, reduce your salt. You know, reduce your stress. Only 10% have a secondary hypertension which would be under category 405.

So probably the first code… I always laugh because the first code that most new coders learn is 401.9 because you see it a lot especially if you're coding for Medicare patients. Everybody seems to have hypertension. So let's see, the physician must document if the patient's hypertension is benign or malignant in order to get your 4th digit. Okay so if it doesn't say whether it's benign or malignant then you have to use 401.9 which, by the way, translates in icd 10 as I10 which I think is kind of fun. So now you already know an icd 10 code.

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